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Jess Hunter Photography | Beyond the Wanderlust Fan Feature

Jessica Hunter
Jess Hunter Photography
Yakima, WA

My name is Jessica (Jess) Hunter with Jess Hunter Photography. I am currently located in Yakima, WA and have been in love with photography for several years now! It was just last year however, that I was able to start pursuing it on a higher level.

This session is very special to me because it features my sister, Morgan. She just turned 13 in January, and this March was the first time I had seen her in over a year! I grew up in Georgia, moved to Alaska 3 years ago, which is where I met my husband, and then moved to Washington last year to be closer to his family. Due to me living so far away…I only see her about once a year. Each time I return she has grown and changed so much and I’m always taken aback by the changes. This time, she started to look more like a beautiful young woman, and not just my cute baby sister anymore. I am thankful I was able to capture the new-found maturity she seems to possess, as well as the bond between her and her horse. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, and we were lucky to get the shots we did before the sun completely disappeared below the horizon!
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