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Jessica OH Photography | New Jersey | Wedding Photographer | Beyond the Wanderlust Artist Spotlight

Jessica Olivero

Jessica OH Photography

New Jersey

Welcome Jessica! Tell our fans about yourself!  

I’M JESSICA OH.  I’m wife to a super fine mountain man with a beard + mama to Winny, the sweetest + prettiest german shepherd you ever did see.  My hubby + I are currently in process of adopting our first child, a daughter, from Ethiopia.  I have wild red hair + a killer cat lady reputation. Jessica OH Photography was born just two and a half years ago.  Before that, I was given my DSLR in 2008 + started taking pictures.  I literally fell into professional wedding photography.  I do not have a romantic story of a grandfather who passed down his film camera to me or any pictures of baby-JESSICA OH with a fisher price toy camera attached to her face.  A few friends would throw me a couple bucks for Christmas card pictures + eventually someone asked me to shoot some engagement pictures.  That couple asked me to shoot their wedding knowing I had ZEROOOOOOOO experience.  I had the confidence to give it a shot [pun intended] + they had the confidence to trust me, so huzzah!  I used that wedding + posted ads on Craigslist [don’t judge me] just to see what would happen.  I was very upfront about my humble beginnings + lack of experience + to my incredulity, people hired me.  I went from photographing one wedding to eight in four months.  My first full year in wedding photography was really the result of some very kind + gracious brides that believed in me.  I could have never made it without them.  Two + a half years later, I’ve shot over 40 weddings + have clients all over the country, as well as England, Australia, and Germany.  It’s bananas.

What is in your bag and your go to gear?

I roll with a Nikon D4, 35 1.4, 85 1.4, 105 2.8 + a 70-200 2.8, a SB-900 flash, a polaroid + a prism or two…all tucked into a Kelly Boy Bag or shootsac.  I loveeeeeeee the 85mm [I swear, every time I snap a picture with that lens, a unicorn is born].

Who are your dream wedding clients?

  Hmm… Seriously, each + every one of my clients is awesome + I have yet to photograph a wedding that didn’t get me all twitterpated. :]  I just love couples that embrace who they are, not only during a photo session but also in their wedding details to create a day that’s personal + special.

What photographers do you follow for inspiration?

  One of the best decisions I ever made for my business was to no longer follow any photographers on facebook.  Once in a while I’ll hop on + look up my friends to see what they’ve been up to I think it’s so important to grow as an artist uninfluenced by any other + be challenged to create vision + art inspired by my clients.

How important do you find social media to business building? VERY.  My entire first year of business was built on facebook. A good portion of my bookings come from people who’ve seen my clients tagged in images.  I have also made some of the best freaking friends in the business online.

Any new projects in 2013!?

Yes! I just launched an Etsy shop filled with happy, quirky things called WINNY+ME.


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