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July 4th Camping Memories

July 4th Camping Memories


If you know me then you know that my husband, Chad, and myself are high school sweethearts. This November we will be married for nine years. Through our years together we have had plenty of up’s and down’s but we have always grown stronger together. When I first started dating him I was only 15. I knew I liked him but in the mind of a 15 year old you can’t fully grasp what your future might hold. You sit and daydream and can only hope that you will end up happily ever after but not everyone gets that lucky.

In almost every way you can imagine we have the picture perfect family…I mean whatever that is. But the one part of our marriage and family that puts a strain on us is my husband’s job. You see most of us go through life and we find ourselves either happy or just making it through our days. For my husband his job is not just a job it a passion of his. Being a second generation lineman we both knew that this calling would be hard, especially hard once you start having children. That being said I knew I loved this man and I took vows to stay by his side through good times and in bad.

While the “bad times” aren’t exactly life altering issues but more of a constant itch that you can’t quite scratch until it turns into the only thing you can think about. What I like to call the “bad times” are when Chad is called out for a trouble call to restore power. I know that out there somewhere there is a family just like ours and they are without power, which makes him leaving just a bit easier. Still with our kids at home, waiting on dad to come back, that thought doesn’t fully take the pain out of the lost times together either.

There have been many holidays, birthdays, anniversaries.. that have been disrupted by trouble calls, last July 4th was no different. We made our plans to take the kids out to a party and planned on fully enjoying the evening together. We stopped at the local grocery store and let the kids buy as many sparklers and poppers that their little hearts desired, with them beaming with excitement. The excitement did not last long..a trouble call. We had just sat to eat and the phone rang. Without hesitation he said he would be in. When Chad leaves we try our best to put life “on hold.” So poppers sat up-popped, sparklers left un-sparkled, till dad got back home. The 4th was ruined.

We know as our kids are little we only have so many times together before they grow up and don’t want to be with us anymore. Each year I hold my breath hoping we still have some years of innocence left without hearing disgruntled kids. This July 4th I was determined to actually get family time. Our neighbors have a camper out at a local campgrounds and they were gracious enough to invite us out for their day of activities. The kids had been begging to go out so we were excited to finally get time in our schedules to go.

If you have small kids you know how important it is to keep plans under wraps and unfortunately this trip was not kept a secret, so we had to listen to “is it almost Saturday yet,” all week long. By Saturday my sanity was gone! Thank goodness for lots of things to do at the campgrounds so I could get a little mental R&R.

The day was just about as perfect of weather as you can get. Ohio has been on the cool and rainy side this year but Saturday was warm with lots of sunshine. I tell myself I really shouldn’t be living in Ohio because I loathe anytime I have to sweat..any sort of humidity. So while Chad was complaining of it not being hot enough, I thought it was perfect!

We ended the night with fishing followed by lots of sparklers and s’mores. The day really had been perfect and was left free of those dreaded phone calls. But honestly the best part of the day was just having Chad there with us.


Getting our new fishing poles ready for bait.


Update quick portraits of the kids. Landon now 7 with his second lost tooth. Grady 5 and Alayna a messy 4.


The fishing here is super easy. The pond is stocked with lots of blue gill which makes for a fun time fishing for small kids.


Alayna was brave enough to touch the fish being caught and helping to throw them back in.


She was also the worm patrol.


The smoke from all the campfires reminded me of fog rolling in. I snapped some pictures with my digital camera but what I am really excited about is seeing my film pictures.


Till our next adventure..

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