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This morning I want to chat a little about what exactly these daily fan favorites, as well as any other features that go on the blog, can do for the businesses that are featured. I know you hear me say that it brings SEO, yadda, yadda, but I am really telling the truth! I have been pinning on the blog’s pinterest board, which you should totally check out, and wanted to take a peek back at some of the favorites to see how their interactions were with fellow pinners. I was pleasantly surprised and the growth will only get better! Just to show you a few Jamie Clapp Photography’s Lifestyle Image, Gabreal Elizabeth: Photography’s Sister Image, and Liz Franco Photography’s Couple Session.¬†¬†These are just a few of the images I have pinned and that have been re-pinned. Pinterest is a new google and I hope you are using it for YOUR business.

Today’s winner:

Kat Parker Photography

Kat parker photography

Congratulations to the other artist as well! Your images are just as amazing!

BirdsDream Design

birdsdream design

Privizzini’s Passion Photography


Abby Glenn Photography

abby glenn photography

Katrina Parry Photography

katrina parry photography



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    How do you enter a photo for consideration of the daily fan favorite?


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