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Kim Schaffer Photography | Katy, Texas | The Joy of Youth | Beyond The Wanderlust Fan Feature

Kim Schaffer
Kim Schaffer Photography
Katy, Texas


Inspired by Norman Rockwell, I wanted to capture the joy of youth. It started by coming across this mini canoe on craigslist paired with my grandfathers vintage tackle box. Little Carter who fishes regularly with his Grandfather was so excited to be apart of this and his facial expressions showed.

I picked up a paint brush long before I ever picked up a camera…but that is an entirely different story. As an Art major, I have a background in both photography and design. I have always seen the world differently and I love to capture the world as I see it. I feel that the camera lens is another medium for my craft. After recently moving from sunny California to Houston, Tx I have been renewed with inspiration of my new surroundings.


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