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Kim Harris

Kimberly Harris Photography

Muncie, Indiana


How did you get your start in photography?

I got my start in photography when my husband upgraded me from a point and shoot to my first dslr. He saw I had a good eye and push me to jump into it. That was in 2010. I’m so happy he did!

What gear is in your bag?

In my bag I always have my Mark II and my 50 1.4, an 85 1.8, and my 28 2.8. I also have other lenses but they stay at home unless I’m going to need them. I keep my prism, extra batteries, hair care, and candy. Because you never know what will happen at a session!

Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations without making the list to long are Stephanie Pana, Jessica Klaus, Jessica Paxson, Ben Sasso, and Sam Hurd. I love the rich colors and beautiful poses that everyone achieves and I push myself to become a better photographer everyday!




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