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Kylee Ann Photography | Olympia, Washington | Ames Tree Farm | Winter Bridal Session

Kylee Maughan
Kylee Ann Photography
Olympia, Washington at Ames Tree Farm

I’m a wife and a brand new mom living in Logan, Utah with frequent trips to my home town, Olympia, Washington. The Easter bunny inspired my dream of photography when he placed a small disposable camera in my Easter basket one year. The film was full within 24 hours. In middle school, I took a photojournalism class, got to use my first SLR camera and fell in love. When my husband and I were dating, I shared my dreams with him. Two months later, he sold his Xbox and bought me my very first real DSLR camera for Valentine’s Day and thus begun Kylee Ann Photography.
I’m a full-time Logan Utah and Olympia Washington Wedding Photographer with dreams to expand into Birth Story Photography. I also shoot babies, seniors, families and everything in between. I teach a photography course at the local technical college. I am a co-organizer of the Cache Valley PAC and a contributor to the National PAC Blog. I love collaborating with other photographers and sharing secrets.