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Laura Lynn Photography – Daily Fan Favorite

Today’s daily fan favorite is Laura Lynn Photography

Congratulations Laura! You receive a $5 gift card to the store of your choice. Email to claim your prize.

To submit an image to the Daily Fan Favorite – add one or two photos that are currently your favorite to the Facebook wall tagging your business.

The Daily Fan Favorite is three images picked from the prior day’s submissions; running Monday-Thursdays. When sharing or pinning please be sure to tag the photographer who captured the image.

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Laura Lynn Photography

mother and daughter picture ideas, daily fan favorite

“The emotion in this image goes beyond what you see at first glance. Once you stop and really look at the mother and daughter being photographed, you can see the little girl tightly squeezing her mother’s cheeks, while trying to sneak a look off to the side. Makes you wonder who or what is over there, getting this sweet girl’s attention.”

Congratulations to the other artist! All runner up artists receive a 20% off code to the shop. Email to claim.

Holly Perry Photography

gardening pictures, daily fan favorite

“At first glance the lighting in this image wows. But given another look you can see the intimate moment between a grandfather and his granddaughter. It struck a chord for me personally, as we had just given our son his first lesson in mowing. This is a real life moment, surrounded by gorgeous lighting.”

Brittany Eitsert Photography

father and daughter pictures, daily fan favorite

“This little girl’s eyes immediately draw me in. I try to focus on the scene as a whole and keep finding myself looking back into her eyes. Beautiful moment, topped off with a beautiful edit.”

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