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Leslie Kerrigan Photography- Seniorologie | Beyond the Wanderlust Artist Spotlight

Leslie Kerrigan
Leslie Kerrigan Photography | Seniorologie
Greenville, SC

Hey Leslie!! Welcome. Tell us a little bit about your self and how you found photography.

My story is not unlike many other photographers. I always had a love of photography and wanted to take a class in college but heard the professor was super hard and I wanted no part of a hard class. So I forgot about it for a while. Tried to pick it up here and there throughout the years but it never really stuck until I had my first child. Of course like all mothers, I wanted a ton of photos of him. I tried to play around with my point and shoot for a bit until I figured out that that was getting me no where. I spent a week at my in-laws, where I had help with the kiddos, and spent hours and hours reading, researching and teaching myself about photography. I continued to teach myself when I got home and decided I was ready for my first DSLR. I got one for Christmas that year and never looked back!

We are huge fans of Seniorologie, tell us more about it, and how you started it all!

Seniorologie started as a result of my love of blogging and writing and my interest in senior portrait photography. There weren’t many senior portrait photographers in my area (there are tons of photographers but all of them do weddings) and I really knew this was the age group I wanted to concentrate on. So I thought Seniorologie would be a way to learn, share what I experienced and share inspiration with others. It has grown so much since I started and now being able to plan events (which is actually what I used to do before kids, photography, etc) is a dream come true. It really is the perfect meshing of my loves…senior photography, writing/blogging and event planning!

How has running Seniorologie changed your personal photography business?

Oh gosh, running Seniorologie really is a full time job. So, while I try very hard to continue both Seniorologie and Leslie Kerrigan Photography, it is hard. There are days when I can’t do one or the other. But Seniorologie has also given me a broader reach with my own photography. I think being involved in both Seniorologie and Leslie Kerrigan Photography has taught me so much. One helps the other and vice versa. I have also learned a lot about time management! Ha!

Everyone’s favorite question, whats in your camera bag, and what is you go-to lens?

First my camera bag is the super awesome hobo by Kelly Moore! And in it you will find random pieces of paper with notes about who knows what, my camera – the Nikon D700, a 50mm 1.4 and a 24-70mm 2.8, business cards, batteries, memory cards. My favorite lens is the 85mm 1.4 but I don’t actually own it. I rent it for now and I need to purchase it. That is on my list!

Who is your biggest photography crush?

I talk to tons and tons of photographers on a daily basis and I love them all. I enjoy meeting new photographers no matter where they are in their business. And I love to see photographers grow. But if I had to pick one photographer that I would love to meet, it would be Sue Bryce. I just went to her class at WPPI and she was so fun and gave great information.

Any big plans for 2013?

Seniorologie has the Seniorologie Tour in California at the end of April so that is something I am looking forward to. Also, Seniorologie is planning a Shoot Out in the fall and it will be officially announced very soon!! As far as my personal business, I have a big senior model shoot coming up that I am looking forward to. And then me personally I am looking forward to spending spring break in Charleston with my kids and my sister and her kids. And hopefully going on vacation this summer!!

Thanks again Leslie! If you love Leslie  as much as we do, be sure to check out her Website and Facebook  Don’t forget to stop by Seniorologie as well!

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