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Let’s Go Somewhere – Micanopy, Florida

Let’s Go Somewhere – Micanopy, Florida

By: Stacey Muniz of Soul Threading

4 am. An involuntary patience had hovered over my heart as I had woken up for the second time in the night to feed the babe. Our other kiddo had a dentist appointment later in the afternoon, so this means we had to drive Daddy to work because of our one mode of transportation. This also means I will not be going back to sleep. It is easier to wake up, make some coffee and get the wheels turning for the day at this point. Sipping on the freshly made cup of joe, I had been inspired to do something different with the kids. We don’t get out of the house very often during the week, and I miss that. I miss going. Going somewhere effortlessly, with an aim that requires only compassion for fuel. Going on an adventure. Exploring.

So I said, let’s go somewhere, to my 7 year old daughter, and her face just lit up. It was such a comfortable familiar face that I had almost forgotten about! A genuine excitement and smile crept over her and then me. So, we did. First we got some breakfast, then we went somewhere. We chased the morning light. Drove close to a hour, followed some signs and found a historic state park. There was a parking lot filled with dirt and a newly remodeled children’s playground when we pulled in. With further observation, there was a trail that led to a historic house and barn. There were chickens and roosters running around freely which was a sure tell sign that our mission was complete. A short haired woman – with everything natural – wearing a yellow maids’ dress and white apron came up to greet us. She gave us some bread to feed the baby chicks that were running laps in a coop nearby. And all was bliss. We strutted around the land some more, then made our way to that park that we saw when we first arrived. It was fun. Everything was good.

I’ve been meaning to be more present with my daughter. It’s been hard with the baby and the business growing, but this day was good. And now that it is documented, I will {hopefully} print it. And I will show her this day, and the days in the future that we will dedicate to going somewhere. Going somewhere effortlessly, with an aim that requires only compassion for fuel. Going on an adventure. Exploring.




IMG_2868-smallMy name is Stacey. I am from Chicago, a city girl at heart. Happily married to a supportive husband whom I have 2 kiddos with. My husband and I share very empathetic hearts. We have lived in Gainesville, Florida since 2011….this is where we rescued our 2 pups off the side of the road. We love Jesus, traveling, the adventure, the escape and the beauty. I guess that’s where photography comes into play. Nostalgia, documenting life and holding still a memory, is what I’ve found to keep me sane. Soul Threading is our photography business, and here, we photograph anything that has love + feeling. Facebook | Website | Blog | Instagram | Twitter