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Letter to My Daughter


Dear Alayna,

Happy birthday my sweetest boobie. Four years ago you completed our family of five and filled our hearts in more ways than we could even imagine. Before I was even a mother, I was daydreaming of you, my daughter.


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On your fourth birthday I want you to know how much I love our days together. From the moments when you first wake in the mornings, grumpy and all, it is you and I that get to enjoy our time together. While some days your constant go and conversations leave me in a daze, I am already sad for the day that you head to pre-school.



I love that you come to me to kiss your boo boo’s. The way your hair blows in the wind, the curls connecting on each other. I love the smell of your skin even on the days you so very badly need a bath. You somehow always seem to smell like sweets. I love how recently you are constantly asking me to, “mommy hold my hand.” The love you show for your brothers is beyond a freshly four year old’s compassion ability and proves to me there is still good in the world. I love how you love babies but your favorite interest right now is dinosaurs and sharks. I hope you never lose that self confidence. The love your daddy and you have is one that tops the connection I could have ever imagined. The bond you have makes my heart melt and I pray this only continues to build over the years and you stay a daddy’s girl.



My hopes are for you to continue to face the world head on. To know that you are worth, and deserve, anything you want. Never stop believing and dreaming. Show the world the compassion that you want given and bring back the love that is so desperately needed. Know that your beauty is really on the inside and that is what matters. Break barriers and prove that being a feminist is not negative but being proud.



As the years continue to fade into our memories, and new days are to come, I am ready to embark onto new times together. To watch you bloom into a powerful pre-teen, teenager and adult woman. You are so very loved and as you face new challenges in the world, I hope you remember this.



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