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Life Through Their Eyes: Documenting a Childhood They’ll Remember with Allie Wilson

Sales Open May 11th – 20th
Teacher Allie Wilson

Do you look at your children, and wish that life could be that simple again? What if it could? Allie Wilson, of Allie Wilson Photography, explores reliving your childhood with her workshop, In Life Through Their Eyes: Documenting a Childhood They’ll Remember. In Allie’s workshop you will learn how to photograph your children with intention, while evoking feelings of nostalgia. We have a responsibility to create a legacy for our children. Join Allie in her workshop and help your children remember their childhoods.


Know Your Subject
Remember your own childhood
Unique children and families
Their world and surroundings
Get in the frame
Assignment one


Gear and Getting Technical
Using what you have
What’s in my bag
Editing and apps
Tips and tricks
Assignment two


Documentary vs. Lifestyle
Why documentary
Being prepared
Get out of the house
Assignment three
Setting up a shoot
Goals and vision
Assignment four


Making a Photograph
Creative crops
Leading lines
Light and shadow
Final touches and editing
Assignment five


Moving Forward
What now
Let it go
Put the camera down
Print your photos
Final thoughts

Materials Received:
  • 117 page PDF workbook
  • 2 BTS video with Allie on two sessions
  • 1 Editing video with Allie in ACR and PS
  • $50 off any order at Nations Photo Lab
  • 25% off Erin Hensley’s ‘Awakening’ action set
  • Pre- session client questionnaire

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of materials after purchase.

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Allie Profile

Allie Wilson of Allie Wilson Photography

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Allie Wilson, of Allie Wilson Photography, is a self-taught lifestyle and documentary photographer born and raised near the beach, in New Jersey. Photography has always been a passion of Allie’s but she started getting serious with it after becoming a mother. Her husband, Mark, their two kids Norah and Henry, and even their smelly dog named Noodle, are the ones who inspire her the most. Allie loves creating images not only for her but for her family. Other loves of Allie’s are fine art photography, coffee, fresh flowers, mermaids, painting, and the stars.



Kelly Jacobi of Kelly Jacobi Photography

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“This workshop tugged at my heart strings. It is everything that is beautiful and good in love, nostalgia, and childhood.  Allie has done an amazing job of bringing the sentiment and feeling together with the technical side of photography. Reading through this workshop truly made me stop and remember some of the core reason of why I picked up my camera and gave me a way to get back to that. It also gave me new perspectives and ideas to consider when shooting. For the mother and the artist; those committed to telling their families story in a beautiful and honest way – this is for you.”


Justyna E Butler of Justyna E Butler Photography

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“I would recommend this course to anyone who is ready to create frames exclusively from your memories. Another mind-bending class from Beyond The Wanderlust. Truly groundbreaking. Who this course is for: every mother and artists who create from the heart. If you strongly believe in documenting your life the way it is, creating memories of present, this is the workshop for you. It made me think of all those fleeting moments of the past; that only I will remember. A must buy!”