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life lessons from the super bowl beyond the wanderlust inspirational photography blog

I am sure you haven’t been able to scroll through your TV or social media on any device without seeing reports on the Super Bowl. To be more specific, the end of the game. I, myself, was up till the end of the game but I am a sports maniac and love watching all the game; plus the post game coverage. So of course I saw “the play” that everyone was speaking of. I too was shocked and stunned when it happened and I think I literally sat with my jaw open till the last 20 secs rolled off the play clock.

I have thought about this several times today and it really has made me feel I need to share two things from this game. The first being the talent. Weeks, and even months prior, the league has been surrounded with many controversial issues. The issues are still being talked about, since they haven’t been fulled investigated. Yet there is a greater story at play here to tell our children and youth, don’t give up. If you are told no or fail at a lesson in life, you keep going. Many of the highlight plays from the game were made by undrafted free agents, rookies, or even walk ons. These men when they thought their chance to play in the NFL was over, went on about their lives, yet were called back to be given another chance. Many times our children or ourselves come across a challenge in life and when we don’t achieve what we set out to get, we feel like we have let ourselves down, and failed. You must keep fighting the fight because you never know when your name will be called.

The most important lesson that comes from this game I believe does come from the last “big” play. While this game last four quarters, with many, many incredible plays, what is being left to talk about is “why did they call that play?” ¬†While we will never know exactly why, and maybe not even the coaches now know exactly why, the game will be known for that. It won’t be known for the player that had his first career interception, only to fall and break his arm. The game won’t be known for the toughness and heart fought by both teams, to even get this far. It was known by one “failure.” If your life or your career would be known by one thing, what would it be? Would it be what you would want?

We need to live our lives and develop our businesses in such a way that no matter when our name is called upon and no matter what actions we take, we are ready and we are proud for our highlights to be shown. It is time for the nation to start focusing on the positive moments and maybe we would leave behind, for our children, a better place.


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