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Kimberly Jedick
Life of Love Photography
I am a freelance photographer here in Northern Italy. I started with photography as a hobby 13 years ago and it has blossomed into a profession during my travels and then an opportunity that pushed me into a great need to capture grace around me. I am a military family photographer that captures families while they are stationed here in Europe far from the arms of loved ones. I felt there was a great need to capture the grace, beauty and loving connection between them even in the midst of trying circumstances, change and loss. And so Life of Love Photography was created to search out just that, and tell their story to their loved ones back home. Everyday I have the chance to capture the fleeting moments of these families, children and lovers, surrounded by immensely beautiful European landscape. It’s a dream come true!
One of the greatest joys in my life is watching my daughter play. The way her hand grips onto found objects, eluding that sense of wonderment and awe as she examines it and determines its place in the world. The way her hair swishes from side to side as she runs, the freeing joy of each strand of hair blowing in the wind is a delight to witness. And her laughter, that deep belly laugh that melts away every worry. These are the moments I yearn to capture so I may never forget them. These are the images that move me to stop and savor life. This particular afternoon was the first time the rain stopped in 9 days. I told my daughter we are going for a walk and told her to run as I chased after her and followed in her footsteps, all with a camera glued to my eye. These are the things my eyes witnessed that day.

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