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It took me several years of pushing, begging and downright whining to convince the husband to get a real Christmas tree. We had a fake one that was given to us when we got married and we got great use out of it. Now that I took the time to say something nice about it, here is the things that were NOT so nice! It shed. And when I say shed, I mean like the type of shedding where it lead me to wonder how this tree had any needles left! It was getting harder and harder by the year to fluff to the right angles to make it look somewhat decent. And while on the topic of fluffing, the branches were getting to the point when you fluffed them, they would stab you. It was a real joyous occasion around here!

So last year we decided to head out and get a real tree, give the kids a real experience. We might have picked possibly the coldest day of the year to do this. Everyone thought it was fun for about 5 minutes and that is about how long it took to walk back into the tree selection. It went bad and quickly. Things like this kinda remind me of giving birth. It is hard and painful but you completely (or somewhat, completely) forget it because most of the time, you do it again. This tree search was kinda like that. Even now a year later I really do remember how bad it was with the crying and whining and cold noses, but in my head I try to tell myself it really was a fun time. Even after all the time it took to look around and to check all the trees that were left out, we couldn’t find one. We left frozen and discouraged. Little did we know but Black Friday is a huge day to head out into the frozen tundra to find the perfect spruce and we were about a week later! I told my husband to head into town and just go to TSC. I was absolutely determined to get this tree! When I actually get my way with something, I try to cling to that until I actually GET it. We found literally THE perfect Christmas tree and twenty dollars cheaper! All was right in our little world.

Fast forward to this year, we didn’t make the same “mistake” twice. We head right to TSC. Let’s say the selection, was a little less than desired. It actually might possibly be the ugliest Christmas tree I have ever had. If it weren’t for the smell, I would be disappointed but the smell keeps my heart happy. This year when we were getting the tree into the stand I took some pictures. After a little bit into it, I asked Landon, my oldest son, if he would like to capture some pictures. He has gotten really quite decent at taking some snap shots. I have taken the time to teach him about some basic camera workings. He knows how to try to “line” the frame up and about lighting. He actually can even back button! And on a D700 with a 35mm that can be hard for a 6 year old’s little hands!

I was going to upload my card to see what pictures I all had to dump onto my computer and was quite happily surprised when I came across his pictures. The nice thing about handing over your camera to someone else is actually getting to enjoy what we give to others. I (and I am sure you) have all these great pictures but you are missing. I want my kids to remember that I was actually there and not just by the picture that I will have to give them. I try to hand my camera off to hands that I trust to get the emotion from that activity. Being present in your life instead of always capturing the moment will give you more enjoyment when you actually pick your camera up. When we are always the ones to capture the moment we get burnt out. Take the time, teach someone around you how to use your camera, and enjoy the life we live.


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Here are some pictures from our little outing!


Here is Landon’s pictures and I put in a picture of me going inside for proof that he was actually doing the pictures.


I had my F-stop set at 2.0 and they were all in focus! I had to show you one last one of a picture he took of me. Again set at 2.0 and my eyes were in focus (with some noise due to high ISO. We started the tree late in the Ohio evening).


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