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Live Your Mantra

By: Darah Groce | BTW Lifestyle Blogger

“What’s a Mantra?” I asked a friend of mine, while messaging each other, one night right after this past New Years.  She laughed and sent me a link to take a Mantra quiz.  My friend got “It’s All You” or something along those lines and I thought, why not, I’ll take a quick quiz to see what mine is too.  Well, after a series of questions and picking what type of animal I am,  I was finally prompted to see that my Mantra for 2015 was “I Got This”.   “Whoa” I thought, “that is a really good Mantra for me this year!”  I was excited to start using it, if only that meant reminding myself of it when I needed to hear those words of inspiration or needed a little extra push of determination that day.  So that brings me to my question, “How’s your Mantra going?”  Are you following a Mantra or is it something that maybe you have been living by for a really long time?  This is all kinda new to me, but I like it and I think its good.

After I found my Mantra, a memory popped into my head that one of my best friends actually made a Mantra for her 5 yr old, soon to be 6 yr old, when they moved a couple of years ago.  It’s hanging on her wall in her bedroom.  She told me that her and her husband worked on it together, to come up with a Mantra for her to live by.  At the time I thought that’s cool and figured that it was something typical that they would do. All in all this was a positive thing for a little girl to look at every night before she went to bed.  I have yet to come up with an actual Mantra for my own children but in my head I know what it would be.  Something along the lines of “be proud of who you are, speak your mind and treat others the way you want to be treated.”

An then recently, when interviewing a photographer for her Daily Fan Favorite win, she told me a quote that was so beautiful.  When I asked about it, she said its been her life Mantra.  This again made me think, “Maybe there is something behind this whole Mantra thing.”  So what do you think?  How’s your Mantra going?