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How I made business personal Beyond the Wanderlust

I have decided this year I wanted to make my blogging here more personal. I find more and more that people don’t know who is behind this blog or who does what is being shown. When I think about what I want for this page, I don’t just want clean/cut articles. In the tagline I have “inspiration for the modern photographer.” I have mulled over what my “spot” in this industry ┬áis for over a while now and recently have came to what I think I am meant to be. More. I want to be more than just like the blog you just left or the next one you will go surf. I want you to leave here and actually FEEL these writings. The more this had been pulling on my heart, I had an experience this past week that I thought could benefit you in business.

If you are anything like me, you want everything before it is suppose to happen. I have always been like this! I want my presents before Christmas, use to be horrible at keeping secrets, and really anything that I have to hold in, makes me feel like I am going to bust. Through time, parenting, and therapy I have realized that I needed to slow down. I was never going to live my life in any sort of manor if I didn’t learn to love the moments I was in. While I am still learning on this, my story proves to me, I can do this.

I lost one of my nearest and dearest friends this past week. While this person did not die, our friendship did. My heart has been aching, as if I actually lost a person; and that hurt is deep. There wasn’t much that led up to this moment of disconnect but there were some conversations. My old self would have been quick to hurt with words. I was the master of saying the most hurtful and deepest words I could think of to hurt someone. I wanted them hurting as much as I was. I always ended up regretting those sayings, which made the cycle even worse. I knew this had to stop in order to become a better wife, mother and business woman.

There is a saying “Be careful with your words, once they are said, they can only be forgiven, but not forgotten.” In order to be a person of power in business, you must take the time to process the situation at hand. For me, this past week, as my heart was hurting I knew I wanted to say how I was really feeling times 10 but I held back my emotions. Being heavy with your words in business will only leave your business + reputation scarred. I tell people starting out in business all the time, be nice because once you break that, you can never take those words back.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, give yourself a cool down phase, whether it be 24 or 48 hours. Once you are out of the “emotion” of the moment, you will find clarity in what words you want to say. You can spend a lifetime building your brand, don’t tear it down in moments with words.


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