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Maximize Your Business With Instagram

Beyond the Wanderlust Instagram for Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms that you can get your business onto. With over 300 million users, getting on the platform isn’t important if you don’t know how to engage your fans or consumers. Each social media platform has a demand for the content posted to be relevant for that particular user base. Understanding what each platform calls for will increase your success for growth and outreach. Instagram is known for it’s creative and image heavy content, which is crucial for you to produce in order to stand out. Understanding a few key points will push your business to the next level on Instagram.

Post with Meaning
In an overly loud social media world, make sure to have your post count. You want your fans engaging with your post not a reason to unfollow you. An idea to use your account so that your fans know what to expect and want to come find your post, would be to stay consistent for your daily post and content. For example keeping Fridays as Fan Fridays and engaging your fan base with your product or service. This is a great time to show your brand’s voice and creativity.


Figuring out your target market, is a huge part of your success for your business. After you have your clients targeted, then you can create content on your business page for when those particular people are online. For example, typically working people are online during their work breaks and then following dinner time. Use your analytics for both Google and each particular social media platform to see peak times for engagement.  The graph below is showing my analytics for peak times of engagement by hour and day. Knowing when to post doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Beyond the Wanderlust Instagram for Business Stats

Two for one
When posting on Instagram there is an option to “share” these posts on other media platforms. While this might seem like a time saving option, this is actually not a great way to build your engagement. Each social media platform has it’s own voice and how it demands content to be posted. Trying to cross post information is not respecting the fans that follow each particular account and could result in lower engagement and loss of fans.

Once you have put forth some effort to maximize your relevant content, hashtags, and timing of post, you can then go back and review your stats. Reviewing your analtics will help you visualize which of your post had the biggest impact on your viewers, so you can structure more posts like those. You can also see which had more engagement of likes vs engagement of comments. This is important if you are wanting more communication between your company and it’s consumers.

Beyond the Wanderlust Instagram for Business Stats 3

Like I said before, use hashtags but make sure to have the hashtag relevant to your company’s post. Hashtags can not be “owned” by a company but you can create a hashtag that people will know to follow you on. Be aware that anyone can get on and “ride” your hashtag and potentially spam it. Another important key with tags are they need to be informative and not random thoughts in a bunching. For example you have a post about food. Great hashtags would be #foodstagram, #foodie, #instafood, and so on. Bad hashtags would be #doesntthisfoodlookyummy #ilovetotakepicturesofyummyfood. Creating run on hashtags that no one else is using isn’t going to gain mass engagement on that particular post. There are websites that help you see the top hashtags and use these to bring your business into the popular trends. (Top Hashtags) Another important tip: make sure to not use any punctuation or spaces in your hashtag as this will break up your hashtag. Another way to ride hashtags would be to follow the Instagram hashtags on particular days of the week such as throwback Thursdays. This example shows the top tags on Instagram compared with what tags you are currently using. While this picture isn’t a full showing of my tags, it is a good visualization of what tags on circulating as the top tags on Instagram. The words on under “your tags” are highlighted in black, showing which are matching the “top tags on Instagram.”

Beyond the Wanderlust Instagram for Business Stats 2

Keep your Brand
Branding is just as important on your social media platforms as it is on your website, so be sure to reflect that on all of your accounts. By keeping your feed clean and attractive to the eye, you will keep the attention on the content posted. Also make sure you have your cover photo maximizing the look of your company, your profile picture current and your BIO relevant.

Pleasure vs Business
You need to think from the beginning how you want to connect to your fans. Do you want to show any of your personal side and/or do you have the kind of fans that want to see that. If the answer is no, on the personal side, then you need to have a separate account for just business doings. Sharing your personal life can be very tricky. If you play up the fact that you are a mom, with a business, that allows you to stay home this would be the case where you could mix business with pleasure. While still sharing personal posts, keep your business posts at the forefront of content.

Link it
Instagram doesn’t allow links in posts, so in order to make your marketing efforts count, have your business website in the profile header. This will allow fans to follow the content being shared and to see more of your business’s information.

Say the Name
Keep your Instagram connected to your business and other accounts, while also keeping your business name easy to find and relative to your business. Stay away from special signs as these can make it harder for your fans to find you and can seem like spam.

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