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I hope everyone had a great weekend! The sun is shining and the air is quickly warming up here on this Ohio Monday! I had shown a preview of the blog post that was coming this morning, on Friday and you were all so responsive! It makes my heart extremely happy that you embraced this little girl so rapidly. A little back story on where this story was born..

My parents live next to this couple and I have always been intrigued about their mission. I always knew they helped children with medical missions but never really more then that. They had just received Florence not too long ago, when my mother had went over to meet her. She immediately talked to me and said how smiley the little girl was and how quickly she was to warm right up. My mother had suggested I come up and did some pictures for her and I thought it was a great idea but I wanted to be able to show more of her story. That is when I thought of the blog. This blog has been many things to me but today I am grateful that it can be a gateway to bring a story, bigger then any of us, to be shared. I knew what I was giving them was a great thing because volunteering usually is but the words that the medical host mom said really struck me. As we were separating and going back into our homes she said thank you so much the family back at her home will really appreciate these. That really struck me because how often would her family have had the opportunity for this or been able to afford photographs? I have the ability to take pictures of my children growing everyday and it really hurts to know there are other families out there that can’t document the growth of their children.

I had the medical host family write up a little information on Florence and on what exactly it is that they are doing for her and other families. Take the time to learn more on how you might be able to give back to a family in need.

“Meet Florence Ilbouda. Florence came to us from Burkina, Faso Africa. At 20 months old she only weighed 12 pounds 4 ounces. Florence has been given a second chance at life thanks to non-profit organization called Children’s Medical Missions West out of Waynesfield, Ohio. CMM was founded by Tami Shobe and her family over 11 years ago.  They have secured medical care for over 240 kids from all over the world. Florence is the 5th child we have hosted since 2010.  Florence was brought here on a medical visa to repair her cleft lip and palate, and to address the cataract on her left eye. Thank you to the caring doctors who share their time and talents, Florence will have a much better quality of life.  There are several ways you can get involved with Children’s Medical Missions West.  You can become a host parent like my husband and I. As host parents you will care for the child’s needs and transport them to their medical care.  Another way to get involved is through donations.  Donations are very crucial to this organization.  100% of all donations go towards airfare; as they also accept air miles.  By visiting  you will be able to meet Tami and her family, read stories about children in the states, and see children waiting to come.  Finally it will show you how you can get involved. Lets bridge hope to health, one child at a time.”







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