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Michelle Fahlgren Photography | Salem Oregon | Love Session | Beyond the Wanderlust Fan Feature

Michelle Fahlgren
Michelle Fahlgren Photography
Salem Oregon

My name is Michelle Fahlgren, my business name is super original- Michelle Fahlgren Photography 😀 I’m here in Salem Oregon, and really I just started up this aspect of photography a few months ago. I have always loved taking photos, spent some time in a dark room before digital was even a twinkle in our eyes and have found just about every opportunity presents itself worthy of a photograph. I love making images as personal as possible, and the whole experience a memory verses just a session. I am a mom and wife, a travel blogger, self proclaimed researcher of fun things to explore.  I am a beverage kinda gal- decipher that how you wish, but the NW soil grows beautiful key ingredients like hops and grapes. And we roast good beans.
For work I focus on couples and families, and love to work with local businesses. For personal I will photograph anything that catches my eye. (In the past this has included a chunk of  steel wool + 9volt battery and a long piece of chain.)

This was one of those shoots where everything just went right, the light, the mood, the couple… I didn’t have to tell them to do anything, they were so in love that it just showed in their chemistry. It really was beautiful to see them together! We originally planned this shoot because Katie was graduating, and Raul was visiting from Texas to be here to help celebrate her milestone. She contacted me to squeak in a session while he was in town. We discussed locations that were significant to them, the coffee shop and the book store were places they frequented when Raul lived locally. These seemed like perfect places to document a bit of their personalities, so I asked the powers that be if we were allowed to photograph in their businesses, and happily they agreed! We met at the coffee shop the evening of the shoot, and it only a day or so prior this shoot went from a couple shoot- to an engagement one! Raul had proposed at a local park ( also on our destination list) not even knowing what we had already planned. It couldn’t have been more perfect. You can see their giddiness, their joy and the contentment of starting a new life together. I basically followed them around with a camera, the rest was just two people in sync totally enjoying each others company. It was very sweet and I loved that I got to document that for them.

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