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Michelle L Morris Photography Workshop: Passion & Courage Winner

Michelle Morris Ad

When I first started visiting the idea of re-launching the workshops I knew the classes needed to be captivating. They needed to help artists share their vision and create a tighter community. At the release of a new project you always have jitters and pray that you have worked hard enough and brought the industry something that they truly want. When putting together the marketing plan for these workshops I knew that video was the way to go. Video captivates us and makes people stop in life’s busy moments, to just watch. I have to say I am completely humbled. Through this past week you, the community, have watched Michelle’s promo video over 4,000 times! That is amazing and I have to deeply thank everyone.




I am excited to announce the winner of the ACTIVE SEAT is Taylor Bodis of Blushing Red Photography. Congratulations Taylor and good luck picking your friend for the SILENT SEAT freebie as well! See you in class.


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