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Motherhood Storytelling with Marcy Harris Photos

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Motherhood Storytelling

By: Marcy Harris Photos

Canal Winchester, Ohio

Nicole V. Photography (

Photography by: Gracelyn Photography

How would you describe your mother in one word?


What is your favorite childhood memory of your mother?

When I was about 7 years old, my mom and I drove to Myrtle Beach in her bright red convertible. I was wearing a white button up shirt, with bright multicolored hearts, tied in a knot bearing my little girl midriff, and purple jeans. In true early 90’s style I had my curly hair brushed out and confined to a side ponytail. The whole way we jammed out to Tom Petty on cassette with the top down and I feel that this trip was one of those defining moments in my life.


How has your mother formed the mother you are today? If you are not a mother, then how has she formed the woman you are today?

What I remember most about being with my mom is how much fun we always had together. Because of her I try to incorporate as much fun and light-hearted play into every day with my kiddos as I can. Dance parties, playing hide-and-seek in the dark, running around outside in the rain. I want them to remember the fun we have together.

Now that you are an adult, what makes how your mother raised you so special?

My mom has always been a hard worker, and I’m pretty sure she got that from her mother. This was a huge influence on me growing up. Now that I own my business, I can finally appreciate how hard they both pushed me to be a strong, hard-working, independent woman.


If you could tell your mother how she has influenced your life, adulthood, motherhood, what would you say?

Thank you, mom. You are the epitome of motherhood. You always put our needs and wants ahead of your own. You were always strong for us, but found a way to be completely relatable, kind, and caring as well. A true balance. You taught me forgiveness and acceptance. Even more than I remember our fights during my teenage years, I remember the laughter that filled our home. I remember the fun we had and for that I am grateful. Grateful to you for all the love you gave and continue to give us all and for the sacrifices you made as a single mother to two wildly different girls. I am so proud of you mom, and hope that one day I can grow up to be as fabulous as you are. I love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


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