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Motivational Monday: Acceptance and Purging

Beyond the Wanderlust Motivational MOnday

Mondays after holiday weekends always seem to be that much harder to roll out of bed. I remember back to my “out of the house” working days, I dreaded Mondays after a busy weekend. Your body is just craving to stay in that soft, warm bed and your brain is trying to trick you into thinking it really is ok to stay and sleep. Just 5 more minutes, it would always whisper to me. The brain can be such a dirty, little liar.

Times have changed and I now work from home. I know I could stay in bed all day if I longed to but I also know I wouldn’t be hurting anyone but myself. While we didn’t travel around to families this Easter, we still had an extremely productive weekend. This weekend was a purge weekend. See I could compare myself to a binge hoarder. I will collect things and tell myself there is X reason to store such items, until I go on a mass purge. Purges where if you are standing in my way, you too might get thrown out.

I always think to myself, why do I even keep things if it feels so good to throw them out? And honestly I don’t know. I think I always feel like I *might* just need that item down the road and will be left stranded if not to have it. I mean this is where the true hoarder mentality even comes from. Now I know what you are thinking right now, and no I am not a true A&E hoarder rendition hoarder. But when you live in a 1,200 square foot house with two adults, three children, a dog, and a cat, you don’t have any extra space. Period.

So back to this weekend. After spending all weekend getting our basement in tip-top shape, I went on a quick grocery trip. As I was walking through the produce section, I got to thinking about cleaning and how good it felt. Not only what we did this weekend but all the cleaning I have done in my life over the past year. See holding onto negative memories, bad experiences, draining friends, are nothing more than that, bad. They leak into every area of your life and they infiltrate your mind.

In a world of acceptance, we are paralyzed with fear of not making the popular choice – Tweet this

So we hang onto friends on Facebook, even though you wouldn’t even cross the street to say hello to them in real life. We keep striving to acquire a business goal only because we feel like that is what everyone expects from you. You continue to be a follower instead of a leader. You my friend, need to purge.

It is time to free yourself from anything that doesn’t bring you positive energy in your life. Because if you are hanging onto negative experiences, how are you able to envision a positive future? The truth is purging can be scary. You never know if you are making the right choices and if you might need that “item” again, but that is life. We have to make decisions that are fitting for that moment and have faith we are making the right choices.

While you won’t always make the right decision, remember you did what was right for you at that time – Tweet this

Give yourself permission to purge negativity from your life, as you probably already know what these things are. Push yourself for growth and self healing. Because it isn’t until our lowest moments, that we can rise to our maximum potential.


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