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Motivational Monday: Customer Service & Anger Management

Motivational Monday Customer Service and Anger Management

I have spent most of the day finding myself annoyed. I know a great way to start this post right? Well it is true and I want to show you my true emotions on this so this actually sinks in for you.

My annoyance isn’t really just one thing. My kids are being off the wall loud today. I haven’t saw the response I wanted to on some posts. I have a big project on my mind that I am letting fear (and money) stop me. But the real reason that my annoyance started would be from 10:15 last evening. I was sitting down to catch up on some blog posts and thought I would get ahead. After I got into my WordPress everything was dragging so slow and every time in the past this has happen, I have had server issues. Me thinking I would be proactive, I call into GoDaddy. The first guy was great, very friendly and helped me the best he could before sending me over to IT. The next guy, the conversation started out great and then very quickly turned bad. I won’t go into specifics about our conversation but it was the worst costumer service I have ever received from a company.

I have spent the last day stewing over this. It has eaten me up with how this guy treated me and so much that I still might call the company and talk to a supervisor. I wanted to bring this story to you and have it be a lesson for your business.

Motivational Monday Customer Service and Anger Management Real People

First, and most important thing you need to remember, there are real people on the other end of your customer service. If you receive a difficult client it is your job to push through that experience for them, leaving them not with the feeling of you being frustrated. We have all had at least one client that has put us at wit’s end. If you haven’t had that client yet, I promise you it will come. You can determine how well you do business, by how well you face adversity. Doing easy business, is well, EASY.

How we deal with difficult business, will mold what we are as business men and women. – Tweet this

Motivational Monday Customer Service and Anger Management Self Confidence

This tip not only goes for your client but also for yourself. Let’s tackle your client’s self confidence first. If you have a bad interaction with a client and you leave them being distraught, how is that going to effect their lives? We as humans are naturally selfish. Being a business owner means you no longer have that right and your feelings, most of the time, come second. Some of our client’s questions and concerns can come from not them disrespecting you but their lack of education on a subject. For example if you have a client who is wondering what exactly the word investment means or if they can make payments on a plan vs one lump sum, this might be a sore subject for you and one you are quick to take offense too. Maybe it is your 100th time hearing this question and you very quickly, hastily answer to them. While you might have heard this question 100 times, this client has only asked this question for the first time. Your answer to them, being rude and short, could weight on them negatively. This person then might go on to have a job interview that their family really needs or have a very risky job that needs their full and undivided attention, but they can’t give that now because your treatment to them has left them feeling down. Your answer in the heat of the moment, might ruin their day and potentially major life opportunities.

Now for your self confidence. Let’s go back to that question that your client asked about investments and about making payments. If you had your client prepared for their interaction with you this question might not have even been asked first off. Second if you had proper material to give your client post conversation you can ease through your discussions feeling relaxed and leaving your interactions as positive as possible. Now at some point their will be questions they might have for their purchase that others might not have had and handling those situations with kindness and grace will give you confidence in future business and in your personal life.

The more understanding and compassionate we are in business, the better people we become as individuals. – Tweet this

Motivational Monday Customer Service and Anger Management control

As I talked before we are all going to have trying times, this is just part of business and part of life. Knowing how to talk down your anger and move forward in a positive light is what is crucial. For myself I personally have multiple ways that I clear my mind but finding what works for you is best. Some suggestions that might help:

• Seek counselling to be able to clear your mind neutrally

• Go for a break away from your desk or the issue

• Head outside for a bit of fresh air

• Go to a place that you enjoy that will boost you emotionally

and if all else fails

• Count to 10 before talking.

Once we speak less than desired words, they can only be forgiven but the words won’t be forgotten. Lead your business with the treatment that you as the customer want to receive and know that tomorrow is a new day. Have a client that maybe you didn’t have a great experience with? A word of encouragement goes a long way. Reach out to them by phone or by a hand written letter and explain to them how sorry you are and that you hope you can move past your experience together to more positive ones.

Kindness is the way to a happy heart. – Tweet this