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Motivational Monday: Family Memories & Business

Motivational Monday family memories and business beyond the wanderlust

I find myself on this Monday feeling very nostalgic, as I just got back from a weekend trip visiting family. My husband, children and myself loaded up the car last Friday and head out of state to Pittsburg for the weekend. The stars aligned and multiple family members could all head to my grandparents for much needed family time. I always remember going to my grandparents for week long summer stays. The memories of picking blueberries by the heap full, in the most adorable yellow baskets, was always a favorite of mine. Going out to their hillside garden, watching for chipmunks to run out of hiding to grab some greens, that were forbidden. I always was so sure that one day their garden would fall over the edge of their hill, but to this day it still stands. I also remember the moments where it felt like I was never going to make it out of their garden alive, as the bees loved their garden as much as I did, and I loathe bees more than I can describe. {And I am also bit dramatic, did I mention that?}


My grandparents are now in & nearing their 80s. The days of youthful playing around the house are past memories. Our bodies hold us back at giving the following generations those same sweet memories. I watched my children giddy around their home, bouncing from room to room, running the “circle” of the downstairs, and it brings me back to my same memories so many years ago. The part I now enjoy so much about my grandparent’s home are the memories attached to each room. My grandmother has quite the knack for keeping “things.” While we all like to encourage her to get rid of items being collected around the house, I think to myself,

If those were gone, would we still have our memories?

Part of having a family are the pieces around us that seem like the everyday items but are so much more because of the intangible memories they hold. Memories that can’t be replaced and money can’t buy. Seeing my kids being able to play with the same toys & games I did at their age brings great joy to my heart. My daughter found herself drawn to the book nook in the living room, just as I did as a child, with the lap desk that my grandfather made, still present. With one look of each item, I almost can see myself back in those moments years long ago.


Business to me is very similar to family & memories. Sure while we are in the process of the blood, sweat and tears, we don’t see the value in our progress. The daily strides we make to empower ourselves and create a legacy for our names can blend into normalcy so much that we forget the effort put forth. I, myself, was asked several times this weekend about my business and the daily occurrences that I do.

What is it that you do? What is your biggest success? What are your business goals?

Simple questions froze me up. I let my insecurity or fear of others not understanding what I create hold back my pride in the work I have created.

For myself business is often like running a marathon, while standing in place. There are constant moving pieces, long dedicated work days but not always the instant gratification from my actions.  As I explained to my family, exactly what it is that I do, the thought of intangible memories came to mind.

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You know your worth and without your confidence to show your work to others, what else do you end up with? A pile of dreams? So I use my family’s questions this Monday morning to push myself forward. To show others exactly what I am creating, the legacy I want to bring for my name. And while others might not be able to see the whole picture right now, I know one day the picture will be clear.


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