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Motivational Monday: Self Awareness & Depression

Motivational Monday Depression

This morning I have stared at my computer screen for more time than I would like to admit. Motivation. That word this morning is not in my vocabulary. I had planned on writing something that was bright and cheery and uplifting but I just do not have that in me today. If I am going to call myself a realist, then I have to call myself out. I knew if I went at this post in a topic to “hide” my thoughts and feelings, I wasn’t doing anything but lying to myself. So here it goes..

I struggle with bouts of anxiety, depression and major self-worthless-ness. I will go through peaks and valleys and have incredibly high times, with some extremely low times. I often think, I am torturing myself by even being in this job or industry but I know I deeply enjoy this and it is worth the times of self sorrow. A couple of days ago I could feel myself hitting a period of lows. I don’t want these lows to come and there really isn’t anything I can do to stop or prevent them. Of course if you have never been in these emotional circumstances you wouldn’t understand but it feels like everything is against you and nothing you do is right. While these periods don’t last long, they last longer than one would care for.

So why am I sharing this? Well first I want to always be honest with myself. If I lie to myself, than what else is there left in life to lie about? Second I want you to be more open to your surroundings. Social media makes for a rough go at a day sometimes. With the constant surge of information, posts, videos of people’s lives, the everyday contact gets lost. Add in the realm of what really is REAL vs PERCEIVED and it becomes a depression play land. One after another you are seeing how perfect everyone’s lives and careers are, as you sit here and watch yours tank. You find yourself hating those people, then hating yourself. When you do get “good” news you post your success only to get a few moments of praises. Leaving you feeling like you could just vanish and no one would even notice.

At this point in my post you are either thinking you know exactly what I am saying or you are thinking I am suicidal. No I am not suicidal, never will be, but this is something I feel strongly about in sharing to bring self awareness. Show more compassion. Engage in life. Share stories worth meaning.

My last few weeks of business have felt like I am slowly gasping for air. We all go through that but as someone who expects a lot from themselves, that makes those points in business even less bearable. Can you stop someone from being depressed? Absolutely not but you can help be there for them. Supporting them and letting them know they are loved. What is even better is taking the time to stop your day and actually share words of encouragement with people.

Now I know that this post might not have been motivating in the sense of what you find the word. The reason I wanted to share this is so that YOU can motivate someone else. Tell someone they are loved. Take a few extra moments to comment on someone’s post and tell them how much you loved what they did. Going that extra mile can bring more hope into someone’s soul than you could ever imagine.

For when you are in your lows you look for others to help pick you back up.


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