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Motivational Monday

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It is another Monday around these parts and I am bringing you a new addition to the blog. I have been working madly behind the scenes to bring you more content, more engagement. As I push the blog forward, I can only perfect so many areas. I logically know if I push forward on “B” that “A” suffers (A being the blog). I have been reaching out to some close friends, photographers and bloggers to bring their insights to you.

When I was laying out my editorial calendar I was realizing that I need to push myself. Trust me, I already work a lot but I wanted to bring you more routine posts. After some brainstorming, and reviewing what I am good at, the motivational Monday posts were born.

I have always been pretty decent at talking and being able to engage someone. I am also deeply passionate about¬†photography.¬†Have a crazy love for social media & business. And oh yeah, I am pretty busy with my home life as well. I will meld all of these “parts” of me together to give you the kick in the butt you need.

I was just scrolling through my Facebook, when I was thinking about what I wanted to bring to you, and a post popped into my mind. I have had an idea for a blog post rolling around in my head for months but didn’t want to get “in your face.” Well, I change my mind. You might want to get ready to get real, raw business advice. If you haven’t had your coffee yet, you might want to grab that first because this might be eye opening to you.

I had wrote a blog post a while back on if your hustle matched your success. (You need to read that if you haven’t!) In that I listed out for you how much I worked, to really show you how much engagement is needed in your business. Now while I will agree it does depend on what business you are in and at what point, you need to be ready to be ON POINT at any moment. Here is another little secret: I went on vacation last year and worked everyday while I was there. Yes you read that right. I worked EVERYDAY while on VACATION.

I will tell people that I worked on vacation and generally their responses are all the same and go something like,

:: Girl you need to take a break. Go relax. Take a day to yourself. You need a vacation::

You want to know what I do when I hear this? Laugh. That is right, I literally laugh. I really do try to be polite and try to hold off laughing in their face but the truth is, no I do not need to relax and no I do not need time off. I use to think quite often it was because of my forever growing to-do list but I was thinking to myself recently, that no I really love doing what I do.

I know you have heard often that if you love what you do, then it isn’t a job. Well I am here to tell you, it is kinda true. Ok I am not going to completely lie to you. Yes it is true that if I take a break, that it does put me behind and that does slightly freak me out. There are doubts that I can trust someone,or a machine, to do what I want done and done correctly. So in my mind I think I will just do it. When in reality, I really do enjoy this “job” of mine.

Here comes the reality check for you this morning:

If you are constantly trying to find your next vacation or your next break, do you really love what you are doing? Tweet this

I am not saying that you have to love your job for every waking hour of the day but you shouldn’t be trying to run away from it either. Even when I am having my down hours during the day, my mind is still on work and new projects. It is just a part of my brain that I can’t turn off.

I want you to find that. I want you to have a deep rooted love for your job that you don’t look forward to your next vacation. It is time we build a business we love and enjoy the life that we live. Now carry on and kick Monday down.


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Picture from Jay Mantri