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If you haven’t saw the recent release of the January edition, then you probably haven’t got to read the article published by Lynzi Berg Photography. Her article all came to life when I discovered her talent during one of the daily fan favorite postings. I landed on her business page photos and began flipping through, falling in love. Her lifestyle work has just a realness to it and depth. I reached out to her about writing an article, to which she was thrilled about, and we started brainstorming ideas. She brought to me about snap shots and how the term has really gotten a bad name recently. I knew she had a winner idea. With social media over sensationalizing our lives, people are constantly comparing. In the article, Lynzi says she even fell into the trap. She was comparing herself, throwing away photos that in her eyes weren’t worthy. I would be willing to bet all of us have done that at some point, myself included.

Last night my husband and myself finally got a date night out. We got home close to the kid’s bedtime, which was great for me to sit down and unwind from the day. I have psoriatic arthritis, so being out running all day, coupled with winter, my body feels pretty beat up by  the end of the day. I wasn’t really in the mood to work and really just wanted to sit and stare at the walls. It didn’t take long before my brain began working in overdrive and I decided I couldn’t just sit and “waste time.” I thought if I wasn’t going to work, then I could go through pictures of our family that I had been putting on the back burner. I went through the Christmas pictures and it was nice to actually be able to go back to see the moments that flew by so quickly that morning. As I was flipping through, I caught myself saying how horrible the white balance was, the horizon of the picture, too much grain. I had to stop. I knew that I was being over critical and instead of looking at my kid’s Christmas joy, I was looking at the wrong.

The final piece of this story, that really connected Lynzi’s article back to me, was the very first picture  I took that morning. I hadn’t even had my coffee yet, just snapped a shot to see where my camera was last at settings wise. I was completely off and changed my settings. For some reason I didn’t delete that picture in camera, which I think was God at play, saving that image. Last night when I saw that image, black with barely any traces of light, I almost trashed it again. Instead I pulled the exposure all the way up and immediately smiled. While the picture technically is horrid, all three kids are smiling and for the bad settings going against me, actually somewhat in focus. If it wouldn’t have been for Lynzi’s article, I would have completely lost out on one of my favorite pictures from Christmas this year.

I encourage you to stop, smile and save those moments that might not be “perfect” because they might end being your favorite as well.

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