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Nashville Love Story: Mary Ellen + Jacob

Nashville Love Story: Mary Ellen + Jacob’s Story

Mary Ellen and Jacob marriage started with a spontaneous wedding on June 5th, 2008, in the front yard with their parents. The couple dated eight months, engaged for two but they decided to get married that day over a romantic lunch at Quiznos. They just knew. Mary Ellen says she still smiles thinking about how she still “just knows.” Jacob is her best friend. Some mornings when she wakes up she tell him she missed him. He is always on board for her crazy plans and is so good at keeping her all together. Their love and relationship with God is strong. They are spontaneous and go with the flow. Mary Ellen and Jacob have been hoping for a child and that would be the ultimate adventure! For now the couple reside in Nashville, have a fur baby pup named Therman, after her grandfather, and travel back home to Georgia for the holidays.


Jacob plays drums a full time musician & Mary Ellen is a hair stylist and owner of Sundays Pearl blog. | Blog | Instagram

Jessica Olivero of Jessica OH | Facebook | Website | Blog | Instagram | Pinterest

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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