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New York Romantic Yacht Engagement

New York Romantic Yacht Engagement Session’s Story from Boris:

“Anastasiya and Andrew love travel, adventure, and exploring the world together. The seas have always meant freedom and reaching new horizons together for them. Their close friend’s yacht was therefore the perfect location to celebrate their wonderful engagement. We took the boat out of a marina in Brooklyn, and sailed around while capturing all the candid laughter, as they held on to each other in the battering waves and wind. They will do a lot more holding in their lives together, so this was good practice indeed!”


Anastasiya & Andrew’s Love Story from Anastasiya:

I recall our first date in NYC, on the busy St. Mark’s street, in an underground theater. A woman was singing love stories while the pianist behind her was sweating profusely, and so were Andrew and I. It was one of those overly humid NYC summer days. Quiet romantic isn’t it? But Andrew and I fell in love instantly. There was no doubting our eccentric connection. We knew each other for a short period of time and it felt like I’ve known this wonderful human for ages. When time came to speak about “relationships” and being a couple, I refused to identify ourselves as such and for a time him and I were trying to figure out how to “call” each other.
Those words are quite loaded for an adult in their mid twenties that has already experienced quite a bunch in life. We eventually thought of 3 words that resonate with what the roots of our relationship would be, and the intentions we wanted to put out: Love, Consciousness, and Initiate. Therefore we decided to call ourselves the love consciousness initiative – to always have love present as a basis of our partnership and to be present and constantly remind each other and work with each other on progressing ourselves as a unit and initiate to continuously push ourselves to grow as partners and both bring in ideas to drive us forward.
When thinking about our engagement shoot we both instantly settled on the idea of having it on a sailboat. There are so many things connected to being on a sailboat that resonate with who we are as “the love consciousness initiative.”  One of the first stories I recall Andrew telling me was his idea as a 16 year old, to hop on a sailboat in Australia and sail away with no particular destination in mind. I thought that’s super brave and frankly haven’t heard anything of sorts from any other person I’ve encountered. For me, deep waters and the open sea is somewhat of an uncomfortable idea and I’ve been working on getting over the fear of deep waters with the help of Andrew. I love throwing myself into uncomfortable situations and inevitably learning from them. We’ve read someplace of a couple taking their children on a 1 year sailing trip and it allowed their children and themselves to form a deeper bond, to know how to interact with one another and not be bored and a greater trusting relationship.
Therefore, we placed our story, love, and intentions into the sailboat photo shoot. Our photographer, Boris Zaretsky, captured these feelings perfectly! When we look at the images, we see our intention for adventure, for scary situations that will help get over fears and for our future family, and for support and happiness together, no matter where life takes us.

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