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Organic Michigan Family Session

Organic Michigan Family Session’s Story
from Shanell:


“We started the session with mom and her nursing photos so baby boy would be nice and happy. Mom was awesome about bring snacks and also had their aunt come to help with the kids need be. I always warm up with the kids and get down to their level, have fun and play with them first. As we started with the session we did some “grandma poses” – the one where everyone is looking first since kids normally are good for that to start but get a little more difficult later in the session. Once I knew I had a couple everyone looking shots then we had fun, giggling and joking together. I often tell my clients look at your babies not me or hubby or talk to them, “what’s mommy saying or mom whisper in your little one’s ear ect..” This family was very good at direction but most of all they were full of love for one another!


Mom and dad are high school sweet hearts and are truly in love. The kids are so sweet and took a little bit before opening up but once they realized we were having fun and I was there to play as well as take photos, we really were able to get some awesome shots. Mom is such a great playful mom and she really helped to keep the energy going throughout the session. Having the aunt there also helped a lot because at times she would stand behind me making silly faces and the kids loved it! We started the session about a hour before sunset and went a little after sunset, with our shooting getting a lot of variety. A lot of times dads can be not so into the photos but this dad was a trooper and I told him you don’t even have to look at me unless I tell you which he was good with! He looked at his wife or was integrated with his babies the whole time – he was totally in his element that way!”


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Location: Construction site and open field in Macomb County, Michigan

Session Details: Outfits from H&M and Old Navy

Artist Biography: Shanell Edwards, of Shanell Photography, is a wedding and portrait photographer. Shanell absolutely loves photographing families and watching them grow; as well as brides becoming moms! She takes pride in always learning and growing, evolving her business and being the best she can be. Shanell loves her clients and try to tell each and every one of their stories the best she can through her lens. Shanell’s business is like a family – once your a client, you’re apart of the family! Shanell started this journey about four years ago and is now full time. She works harder now than she has ever in her life but she truly loves what she does so when she says work, it really is just a figure of speech. Shanell’s dream is to capture love stories and families for as long as she is able to.