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Outside the Lines: An Artist’s Guide to Rule Breaking and Creative Insight

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Teacher Kelly Jacobi

Kelly Jacobi, of Kelly Jacobi Photography, is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in western North Carolina. Kelly is excited to have teamed up with Beyond the Wanderlust to bring you her workshop, “Outside the Lines: An Artist’s Guide to Rule Breaking and Creative Insight.” Kelly sees photography as a wonderful journey that allows us to not only create art but to peel back our layers; to learn more about ourselves so we can push ourselves further than we ever thought we could. Kelly created this workshop to do just that, to help you find your path that is outside the lines. One that is uniquely yours and will set you on a path of creativity by breaking the rules and pushing boundaries. In this workshop you’ll receive a course handbook packed full of visual inspiration, tips and creative exercises to push you outside your comfort zone so you can break the rules with passion and confidence. In addition you’ll receive three of Kelly’s personal Lightroom presets, a Lightroom collage template, and an exclusive discount with free shipping from Canvas HQ. Kelly is so excited to share this journey with you and to help you find your path that is outside the lines.

Self Reflection
Importance of knowing yourself and tapping into our inner voice
Exploring past, present, and future self
Creative exercises for each to create an inspiration bank
Explore and Create
Rule breaking guide book filled with visual inspiration, tips, and creative exercises
Settings choices
Shutter Speed (panning, slow shutter speed, painting with light)
Exposure choices
Intentional OOF
Lens flare
Double Exposure
Creative crops
Prism / Mirror
Dappled light
Using shadows and pattern
Editing Choice
Pushing limits and trying something new
Creative crops / perspective change
Moving forward
Charging into fear
Defining your core reasons for art
Shutting out the noise of self-doubt
Inspiration bank
Materials Received:
  • 134 page PDF workbook
  • Black and white editing video with Kelly
  • Color editing video with Kelly
  • Lightroom presets custom from Kelly
  • Lightroom collage template custom from Kelly
  • 35% Off with free shipping code from Canvas HQ
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Kelli Jacobi Profile

Kelly Jacobi, of Kelly Jacobi Photography, is a photographer based outside of the Charlotte area, in North Carolina. Living with her husband and three wild boys, Kelly seeks to record their life in an honest and emotive way. Balancing the mother and the artist, she captures each moment not always as they were but as the way they felt. She is delighted by the simple things and believes the beauty is in the details.

Jen B
Jen Bilodeau of Jen Bilodeau Photography
F | W | B | T | IG
“Kelly has a gift for creating art through inspiring interpretation of rules we sometimes feel bound by. Although there is a time and place for the rules, Kelly embodies the advanced creative understanding that true art comes from knowing when and how to bend those rules to truly capture the essence of the moment. Kelly bravely and passionately shoots from the heart, and through her exposure choices she creates beautiful images that tell unforgettable stories.”

Sonja Stich of Sonja Stich fotografías

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“Kelly´s workshop is filled with creative techniques that make you overcome every future creative rut. It is like a workbook of creative techniques, all of them explained in-depth, yet comprehensible. She encourages you to break the rules to find your own voice. To make it perfect, the PDF is completed with her beautiful and inspiring art.”


Daphne Laput of Daphne Laput Photography

F | FL | IG

“Kelly’s work is stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous; her workshop is no exception. She shares her own stories with you while walking you through a wide variety of techniques for both in camera and in post to aid you on creating your most perfect, imperfect images. With an amazing and diverse collection of photos on nearly every page, you’re given an impressive source of inspiration that point you towards how to use these tools you’ve now been given. She pushes you to see what you want to gain from your own work.”


Justyna E Butler of Justyna E Butler Photography

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“Outside The Lines was a breath of creative air. Kelly pushes us out of our comfort zones by helping us find a path of our own.  Her PDF is jam packed with rule breaking techniques that will help you see in a new way. It’s a tool box of 134 pages filled with inspirational frame and ideas that I will revisit months to come. Discover how to fall in love with imperfection and create raw, soulful imagery.”

Stacey Profile

Stacey Muniz of Soul Threading

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“First, I adore how Kelly initially discovered her love for breaking the rules. As she digs deeper into how we can also achieve deeper photographs, I felt so inspired. Journaling is so important, and she shows why that is so – her words stem you toward creative push and hope – and this is all alongside her beautiful, inspirational imagery from her portfolio. Another thing I particularly loved was the rule breaking guide she had created for you. Kelly’s workshop is a must if you want to create more spin and drama into your work. With this workshop, I believe it will have you realizing so many things – bringing new flairs you wouldn’t have thought to imagine yourself going.  I loved it.”

Devons HS

Devon Hall of Devon Hall Photographic Arts

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“This workbook is a must. A perfect avenue to get you through those creative ruts and break down the technical walls that haunt us all in our work. Kelly gives great insight and provides a lovely display of beautiful images. I was instantly inspired to grab my camera and break some rules.”