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Monday was a great start to the week! I might sound like I keep repeating myself but with things hit and miss with views, I wanted to make sure to post it here too. My family is on vacation this week and I will still but doing all the regular daily work just condensed down. I want to still have the blog bring inspiration but need some time away from my computer as well. Being a one woman show here, leaves me overworked some days but the beach is the perfect medication for that! I will be checking email and such but I appreciate your patience!

Today’s winner:

Photography by Samantha Angela

photography by samantha angela

Congratulations to all the other artist. Your images were JUST as amazing!

Robin Chavez Photography

robin chavez photography

Leslie Meadow Photography

leslie meadow photography

Keri Hamilton Photography

keri hamilton photography

Stacey Dershem Photography

stacey dershem photography