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When I brought on the daily fan favorite, I wanted there to be something to increase engagement and to really showcase all the different variety of talent. The favorites have been a great success but lately I have been thinking onto the next project. The daily fan favorite is not going anywhere and is still going to be a great place to showcase the different sessions that you have from clients but I wanted to give something to maybe inspire those lifestyle photographers.

Every week there will be a new mood board put up on the blog. Use this mood board to give you a sense of feeling and vision. I will put together a mix of quotes, textures and other photographs to inspire you but the rest is up to you. You will have to pick one image that you think is your best fit and upload it to the Facebook wall; labeling it Project A + L and tagging your business.  This image must be current and not a prior photograph saved on your computer.  The following week I will blog my top 10 images and pick one winner. The winner will receive the current month’s digital publication. If you had already purchased that month’s publication [cheers to you!] and you will get the next publication or any past publication, you choose.

I bring to you Project A + L

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Can’t wait to see your amazing visions brought to life.

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