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Good Morning! Hope your weekend was a fun, sun soaked time! The weather in Ohio was gorgeous and it is finally starting to really feel like summer. A few weeks ago my friend had introduced me to Pura Vida Bracelets. She had asked for them as a gift and I was intrigued. I had actually never heard of the company but immediately loved who they were and what they were doing. For those not familiar with the company, they are a mission forward bracelet company that gives back to the community. The company originally got started when the founders, Griffin Hall and Paul Goodman, took a trip to Costa Rica. This is where they got the motivation to be able to create this business to better the artist in Costa Rica and have since developed into helping other great causes. For me personally, I am more apt to buy from a company that I know is doing good, ¬†and that their product isn’t just about the product but what the product can do for the world. I encourage you to take a little time out, check the company out and see what amazing things they are doing. I did a product shoot for the company last week, with one of the amazing models from the Ohio Shootout. She did utterly perfect and I am pretty smitten with how the whole set turned out.


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