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We asked on the blog what everyone wanted to know more of or see more often on the blog and education was almost every single response! We are working hard to bring you lots of new guest speakers, new guides/tutorials/behind the scenes things and MORE!

If you are like us, you are constantly reading new little tricks or tips. We all think that even the most seasoned photographer knows all the “basics” but sometimes during our journey of education, we miss learning those little things. We will be on the look out to be able to bring varying levels of education. If there is something specific you want to learn be sure to let us know over at

Today’s post came from basics that we were seeing over, and over, and over again on the Internet, Pinterest, etc. We figured what better way when you are learning then to have something┬átangible┬áto take WITH YOU on shoots? Personally we know, that you think you understand something or remember it, then nerves set in or a client starts throwing a “wrench in the plan.” This little guide is something you can print on card stock or picture paper and clip onto your camera bag. Something you can set in your car to look at one more time before heading out to shoot! We want you to use it and be able to go into your shoot just a little more confident!

On the template you will find what we thought were the Top 10 Tips. Make sure to head into the store to get the template for a FREE download!


Jessica and Grace

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