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Lillie Duncan

Redeeming Love Photography

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To love and be loved in return is one of the greatest joys we can experience. But this love captured below, it goes a lot deeper than that.

There is something special about staring in to the eyes of your beloved and seeing only love. The same eyes that for years on end you have looked in to on the days that brought joy and laughter and on the days that were filled with trials and tears. The same eyes that adore you when you aren’t looking and the same eyes that still light up when you walk in the room.

When I gaze upon a session like this I am reminded of the beauty of deep love shared by two people.  After nine years of marriage and four children their love is proven deeper than the day they said ‘I Do.’

Sessions like this are what inspire me the most. There is so much love to be captured and remembered.

2014-06-09_00012014-06-09_0002www.redeeminglovephotography.comwww.redeeminglovephotography.com2014-06-09_0003www.redeeminglovephotography.comRedeeming Love Photography

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