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As bloggers start out, they have so many different resources they can subscribe to. With so many companies pushing their product as a must have, it is hard to push past the virtual “noise” to get the most important tools actually needed. When I first started my business I only purchased what I felt were the bare essentials. I knew as my business grew, I would need more services but I wanted to keep cost as low as possible, for as long as possible.

My first year of blogging, my expense rate vs my earn rate was extremely profitable. In fact, my first year of taxes for the blog, my accountant was even shocked of my low costs. I encourage you to sit down and make an outline of what services you will be offering and what the minimum tools are you need, to provide that.

I am going to break down my expenses for you and will actually break them down into two categories, one from my first year of business and another from my second year. The first year, my expenses were at a low $44.15 a month. My second year my expenses have went up to $95.53 a month. While I have my second year at being $95.53 a month, most of those expenses didn’t occur till the very end of my second year.

First Year

Ejunkie $19.99 blog’s shop

GoDaddy $17.99 server

GoDaddy $1.26 domain name

PassionFruit $4.91 ad services

These costs were per month, with a year total of $529.79

Second Year

Big Cartel $19.99 blog’s shop – this changed out from Ejunkie

GoDaddy $17.99 server

GoDaddy $1.26 domain name

PassionFruit $4.91 ad services

Mail Chimp $10.00 newsletter

Adobe $21.44 Creative Cloud

Dropbox $9.99 publication usage

Two Bright Lights $9.95 features submission

The cost again were per month, with a year total of $1146.32

While every business is going to need different tools to maximize their growth, get real with yourself and see what is actually needed vs what you are spending your money on. When determining what you need take in account these tips:


Look at different companies, as these might not be the best for your business. Look at the company you are wanting to use and then compare them to their competitors. I also would go to their social media accounts, look at what people are saying. Nothing is worse than getting into a contract and then realizing their services don’t add up to what you thought, with a bad customer service to boot.


You might be carrying contracts on services that you don’t need right now. If you are changing part of your business model, look at what tools you used to provide that service with. This is why I like to use companies that allow me to have a monthly membership versus a yearly membership. Obviously there are particular tools I use, that I know I will use every month, and want to get a discount by buying into a year, like my domain and web server. This will be a decision you will need to make when looking at your business model and long term goals.


Part of your day might be made easier by adding another service to your lists of tools. Using a service, to lessen your work, you will increase your overall productivity and ease of business. For me, this was using Dropbox. I was using email for articles or using Dropbox’s free services and deleting as I went, to not go over the allowed space. I decided by spending the $9.99 a month, I was providing an easier method to artists providing articles for the publication, thus making my business’s user experience a more enjoyable one.

Now that you have read through my costs, time to take a real look at your own. Are you wasting revenue on products that aren’t needed? We would love to hear about your favorite products you use for your blog.

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