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Sara Gatlin Photography | Beyond the Wanderlust Fan Feature

Sara Gatlin is a natural light, lifestyle photographer from Mississippi. She shoots senior portraits mostly, some family portraits, and animal photos for my local animal rescues; but her true love is fashion photography. She works with a lot of models that she went to high school with. Some she just asked if they would like to step in front of the camera, and Larson is one of those girls. Sara absolutely love working with Larson! Larson knows exactly what she wants out of a photo & does it for her. This was a chilly day a few weeks ago when they took a drive to a favorite location of Sara’s. They wandered around the area snapping photos everywhere they went: In alley-ways, the middle of the road, & abandoned auto-repair shops. Afterwards they treatedĀ themselvesĀ to a nice burrito from Taco Bell!



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