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Beyond the Wanderlust Saturday Social

We all have so many bloggers that we follow that have incredible talent. That is what is so special about blogging is that even though you can readily name 10 bloggers off the top of your head, they each bring their own style + voice. Every Saturday we are going to showcase our favorite bloggers.

Kory Woodard

I love the clean + classic look of Kory’s blog. With some blogs there are so many distractions it is hard to actually focus on the information. That is definitely not an issue with Kory! Another thing I love is her goals. Anyone can make a goal or to-do list, but to actually tell people is the first step to being accountable. The next thing to being accountable is actually showing you got it completed. She is great about showing her list and actually checking off the ones she has completed. It definitely has me motivated! Another thing I love is her mood boards! She always picks such beautiful images + great themes! Kory’s blog is definitely a great spot to check out.

By Regina

By Regina is actually how I found Kory Woodard. Kory completed Regina’s website! I personally on Pinterest don’t follow too many accounts and only follow them if they really are a constant + steady flow of information. Regina has such great post on her blog that I made sure to follow her on Pinterest to get her latest blog post! You see a lot of blog post that say 5 tips for XXX or how to motivate XXX, etc and they really don’t TELL you anything. You won’t have that problem with Regina! Regina digs deep and gets the actual information that you want to read. If you are a blogger or business wo/man, Regina is the blog you want bookmarked!


One of my favorite DIY bloggers is Jenni of ISpyDIY! What I find so refreshing about her is that her branding + voice follows through with her ideas + photography. Her website is executed so well that you won’t have any issues finding what you are searching for. She even has an awesome VIDEO section for those that are more visual!

Paper & Stitch

If you are looking for another blogger that will leave you wanting more then you need to check out Brittni of Paper & Stitch! Her ideas always seem so doable for anyone to complete, which I think is great to draw in readers of every craft ability. ¬†Every time I see her post, I always think why didn’t I think of that!? Brittni as well has videos + podcast!


If you have watched the news recently then you already know Zoella. She is a blogger powerhouse! If you haven’t seen her YouTube channel, you must check her out! I have to limit what I read because I find myself on there for way too long!

If you aren’t on bloglovin’ it is definitely a great way to find any topic of blog you might need!

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