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Saturday Social : Etsy & National Craft Month

It has been a while since I sat down and pulled together a Saturday Social post. I don’t know if you have ever paid attention but there are websites out there that compile together a list of all the crazy national holidays. Me being a sucker for random tidbits of information, I love seeing them. So with this month being national craft month, I figured I should pull together a post.

When I think of crafts immediately my mind goes to Etsy. There are so many shops on Esty, that unfortunately not all of the vendors get the awareness they deserve. I find that a lot of the shops I like, or am drawn to, are in Europe. I actually tend to follow a lot of European or Australian shops on Instagram as well. I need to make it a goal of mine to find more American driven shops. (Not to say I don’t already!)

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When I was sitting down for this post, I really didn’t have a theme in mind. As I started pulling items together, I quickly saw that the post had a mind of it’s own. Each item has their own unique qualities but compliment each other perfectly. So here is a quick run down of who I picked and why I loved their pieces.


So I know you are probably wondering what exactly this cat thing is and I just want to let you know, you aren’t alone. The minute I saw it I was intrigued and immediately thought of the mache projects I did in 5th grade (which I loved by the way). After browsing the shop, I immediately fell in love. The first thing I thought was that my daughter would love the cat for her room and then I saw that you actually can get your cat’s custom portrait done. I am currently (and have been for months) planning on doing a photograph and collection wall and I think these mache heads of our cat & dog would be adorable. Price 68.00


I can’t count all the ways that I love this shop. I had to include the planter because I have plans this summer to get succulents for around the house. The shop also has other awesome pieces that are definitely checkout worthy. Price 10.00


These little holders made it in here sort of by “mistake.” I was looking at their cord holders that you can use for the iPhone ear buds because mine are always getting messed up. When I was looking at those, I happen to see the little knick knack nacho pouches and being a lover of little, random items I knew they had to make the cut. I absolutely loved the rawness to them as well, including how they closed. Price 35.00/3


As soon as I opened Etsy this mug was on the home page and I was in awe. The mauve, rose gold look on the handle is just gorgeous. This mug also has a raw, organic feeling to it and every time I look at it I love it more. Price 45.00


I am a huge fanatic of hand lettering and if you follow my Pinterest board, I am sure you already know this. I love this shop and I don’t think there isn’t one piece here that I wouldn’t showcase in my own home. Price 22.22


I actually found this shop through another one of her pieces and literally all of them have me wanting more. I ended up putting this portrait here because I have been really wanting one of our family. I think about them and then just forget to dig down to order one. And if you notice, I had to pick the portrait with the cat. Apparently I am needing more cats in my life. Price CUSTOM


Remember how I said I loved hand lettering, well I also love water coloring, and even more so when it is combined with hand lettering. I loved a lot of her pieces but decided that the Mother’s Day card was a perfect choice, saying it is right around the corner. Price 4.50


I bet if the cat mache head didn’t leave you with a question mark, this hook did! While this doesn’t fit into my home decor, I keep trying to find a place for it. The listing has this for coat hooks but I actually first thought about it being a great use inside a closet or pantry. There are a variety of colors they have listed and while you are there, check out their other pieces. I can’t decide which one I love more! Price 36.67

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