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Self Portraits of Motherhood: Mother’s Day Stories

portraits of motherhoodportraits of motherhood
Ellen Covey of Ellen Elizabeth Photography | F | W
portraits of motherhood, mothers day“Mother’s Day to me means only holding four children in my arms, while holding all five of my children in my heart.  It is remembering the “before’s” and the “after’s” in my life.  Before’s and after’s like marriage, motherhood, childbirth and infant loss.  It is rejoicing in the victory of my 10-years-old sons battle with cancer, and remembering every time tiny hands were wrapped around my neck.  It means not taking any precious time with my little ones for granted.”  
Tausha Coates of Tausha Coates Art and Photography | F | W
portraits of motherhood“I can never remember wanting anything more than to be a mother. I spent years daydreaming about all the beautiful things it would mean, completely ignorant of the hard and heartbreaking things, and spent many sleepless nights cradling my belly with each pregnancy. Almost 5 years in now, and I am so thankful Motherhood is nothing how I imagined; it’s better. It’s messy, busy, crazy, and often frustrating. But it’s also beautiful, bright, and breathes life into my heart and soul. I see my children, who they really are, and get to watch them unfold and evolve into the most breathtaking humans I know. I truly believe that being a mother has made me a better wife, a better daughter, and a better woman. So for me, Mother’s Day means thankfulness, and a wide-eyed bewilderedness at why I should be honored for a job for which I live and breathe. Thank me? No. Today I look to God with more thankfulness in my heart than I ever imagined possible. I had a dream for my life, and it’s been replaced with an even more magical reality. But hey, I still won’t say no to pampering and presents; I’m a mother, not a robot.”
Robin Powers | F
portraits of motherhoodClare Barker Wells of Clare Barker Wells Photography | F | W | B
portraits of motherhood“Motherhood is the hardest, most challenging, all encompassing, most rewarding and best job I’ve ever had. The sleepless nights. The tears and tantrums. The teething. The fussy eaters. The whining. The fears and worries. The chaos. The challenges. They are all outweighed by the giggles and laughter. The fun. The hugs and cuddles.  The kisses. The joy. And the most unconditional love I ever could have asked for. Mother’s Day is a beautiful, happy day to celebrate our special role as mothers. It’s a day to say thanks and honor our mothers and grandmothers. It’s a day to celebrate our families and our love.”
Jenny Rusby of Jenny Rusby Photography | F  | W | B

portraits of motherhood“Motherhood is a choice you make everyday to put someone else’s happiness and well being ahead of your own. To teach lessons. To do the right thing, even when you’re not sure what the right thing is. And to forgive yourself over and over again for doing everything wrong.”

This quote really resonates with me. When we become mothers we can no longer put our needs first. We’re always the last to bed and if your child or children are sick sometimes we get no sleep at all because we make sure that they’re ok. As embarrassing as it sounds, we go days without a bath or shower because we’re just too tired, but we always make sure that their needs are taken care of. I’ve always felt like being a mother is the biggest blessing God could give us. He puts his trust on us to teach our children how to be responsible, how to be caring and respectful, but most importantly how to love one another. Motherhood means never giving up despite the daily struggles we may face. Although we may feel like failures sometimes, all our children see is a strong woman. They love you unconditionally no matter what. Being a mother is definitely one of the hardest jobs but it is so worth it!”
Cyndi Greenwalt of My Paper Hearts Photography | F | W | B
portraits of motherhood“To me Mother’s Day is not about getting breakfast in bed and handmade preschool crafts, though they are nice little perks. It’s about celebrating the birth of a new part of me – the Mother. The day my first child was born was a day that would change my life and my character in the most extraordinary way. When I held this tiny, wrinkly baby in my arms and he looked me in the eye for the very first time, I knew that in this moment I would be changed forever yet in no way could I comprehend the depth of love that would develop between us. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much we would struggle and how much we would soar, together. Though there have been good times and not so good times and days when I’ve wanted to just opt out from this motherhood game all together. The incredible bonds I’ve created with the two beautiful little people that I’ve brought life to is something worth celebrating. Becoming a Mother has also helped me to appreciate the sacrifices and struggles that my own Mother has made to keep us on the straight and narrow so, for me, it’s just as much about being thankful for the other wonderful Mothers in my life as it is a celebration of me.”
Shelley Reis of My Captured Life | F | W | B
Kelsey Jane Hamik“To sum it up, Mothers’ Day is about sacrifice.  And I mean “sacrifice” in the best way possible; that’s an important aspect of motherhood – a lifestyle driven by the repeated act of putting yourself last and coming away feeling as if you’re the winner.  Now that I’m a mother myself, I can better appreciate the immense sacrifices my mom made, and still would make, for me.  But I’ve also now tasted a year’s worth of the love and joy and slight insanity that must have guided her down a road littered with bumps, snags, and a few cliffs.  And even fumbling along, weary and wandering… such a sweet taste it’s been.”
Kelsey Jane Hamik | F

portraits of motherhood

“Mother’s Day. During the everyday routine and chaos, I often feel swept under the carpet. Kids screaming, fighting, crying, it’s hard to keep up. Washing, cooking, dishes, cleaning, school, homework, quality time together, trying to get it all done in 15 hours is killer. But although times get quite hectic, when my kids are sick, hurt, upset, happy, proud, they always want to share their feelings with Mummy. They know they can always depend on me.  

When I am unwell, now as an adult, if I am lying in bed feeling horrible, I always remember the times my Mum would tuck me into bed and make me warm and comfortable. She would heat up the hot water bottle to tuck under my sheets to keep my feet warm, she would always make sure I had enough water to keep me hydrated. But even in the everyday moments, looking back now, she was just always there. I was, and still am, so blessed to have my Mum so close.

I always worry about my kids. Are they ok? Are they happy? Am I a good Mum? I know that no matter how much I worry about them now as little, dependent ones, it will continue on as they grow, just like my Mum with me. So even though I complain (a lot!) about all the noise and all the fights and craziness, given this opportunity to sit quietly and reflect on what Mother’s Day means to me, I am truly blessed.”
Marlene Sayson of Forever Young Photography | F | W | B

portraits of motherhood“Every Mother’s Day I’m humbled at the strength and sacrifice of women all around me. I think of the many women who influenced me growing up: my mother, my grandmothers, my aunts, my friends’ mothers, my church leaders. I think of their guidance, gentleness, kindness, selfless service, and examples. I think of my big sister teaching me about self-care and self worth. Most of all I think of my mother’s example of selflessness and kindness.
I think of my children and the overwhelming, simultaneously joyful and painful love I feel for them. That’s what motherhood is to me. Loving someone so much I’d gladly give my whole life, my whole being, every last ounce of energy I have, day in and day out, serving them. I think of the babies I’ve lost; of the way I just starved and prayed for a baby before becoming a mom and the pain of the losses; of the pain and struggle of trying to bring babies to this world; of the many women I’ve known who go through years of hell just to become a mother. Because all of the sacrifice is so worth it. Because motherhood is the most divine experience in this life. Because it teaches us to love like God loves.”
Elisse C Weinert of Elisse Carma Photography | F 
portraits of motherhood“Mother’s Day means remembering the terrifying moments of first holding your own. It’s a reminder of the sleepless nights, the time it takes to go anywhere and the milk bottle that you forgot under the car seat that stinks up the car. It’s about first smiles, and steps and new life experiences. It’s about empathizing with that mom in the store with yoga pants and drool on her shirt. More importantly, mother’s day is about seeing your own heart outside of you, walking around (and making messes) call you mom. Mother’s day means all that and more but it’s given me a appreciation for the one I get to call, mama.”
First Delight Photography by Cassia Wynn | F | W | B
portraits of motherhood“For me, as a Mother, Mother’s Day is not about a fancy lunch out. Nor is it a massage or flowers. Or any other thoughtful gift money can buy. For me, it is so much more. It is a day I get to celebrate a lifelong dream come true and that is being a Mother to my child. My darling son. He is the reason I am a Mother in the first place… there’d be no celebrating without him! For me, as a daughter, Mother’s Day is the day I get to celebrate my Mother, whom I have called “Mother” (not mom) my whole life. She is the epitome of a beautiful Mother. Having bore life to 13 children who love, admire and respect her… in my opinion Mother’s Day was made just for Mother’s like her!”
Sannetta Marsh of The Art of Unscripted | F | W | B

portraits of motherhood“Having a day where I am able to shower and wear a pretty dress, go to brunch and feel admired is pretty amazing, but the real honor in being a mother to my two babies is everyday life with them.  I feel very fortunate to have  the overwhelming and under appreciated job as a stay at home mom.  Some days are really long, but even on the roughest days we seem to find some moments of magic, special moments that are just between us, and these are the moments that are truly amazing.  These are the ones I will treasure when I put on those my rose colored glasses and look back on these evanescent years of having them all to myself in our own little world.”
Erin Dyer of E Mc B Photography | F | W
portraits of motherhood“For me Mother’s Day is a reminder. A reminder to embrace and celebrate the strong, kind, funny, annoying, old and little women we are lucky enough to have in our lives. I look at my family and feel proud of the women in it and I look to my own daughter and feel my obligation to raise her with self belief and unconditional love. Making sure she grows to believe that she can achieve anything she wants to in life.  Motherhood is such a right of passage, only defined by our own personal experiences. Pure joy and delight sometimes tinged with hope and sadness. Entering Motherhood gives you a new sense of purpose and produces a new breed of woman. One who is courageous and strong, puts just about everyone she loves before herself. Giving all she has to give and more. Motherhood is about showing your Mother some love, because without doubt she has loved you a thousand times over by now.”
Justine Curran of Justine Curran Photography | F | W | B
portraits of motherhood“Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the tremendous work of love that is motherhood. For all the moms that have come before, and all the moms that will be- we share this day together and hug our children just a little bit tighter!”
Teri Phillips, of Terisa Phillips Photography | F
portraits of motherhood“Not for celebrating, not for a card or flowers or “I love you mom, thanks for feeding me.” But it’s important because it gives me a day to really think about the greatest gifts I’ve been blessed with. Two sweet lives that love me unconditionally… two souls that I’ve created and nurtured. I’m blessed to be called Mom and I’m blessed to have a wonderful mother. I think what’s special about Mother’s Day is I block it off. I really put everything aside and spend time with the ones I love most. It’s nice to have a day to have an excuse to just shut off from the world and just focus on the ones you love most. We all have purpose, but my sons have given me purpose beyond measure. A feeling I cannot describe and a love deeper than I’ve ever felt. That’s why Mother’s Day means the world to me.”
Elise Meader of Elise Meader Photography | F | W | B

portraits of motherhood“Motherhood has changed me. In the sickness, exhaustion, and pain of pregnancy and childbirth I discovered strength more than I ever knew. In holding my brand new baby, I discovered love far deeper than I ever thought possible.  In seeing the joy, wonder, frustration, and inquisitiveness of a toddler I found gratefulness and appreciation for the little things in life.  As my children grow and learn, I am constantly stopped in my tracks by the profound wisdom in the simplicity of a child’s perspective.

In motherhood, I also found God. I recently traveled through a time of difficulty, loss, and sorrow, and I began to doubt the love of God.  There was one thing Jesus said that stayed with me through that time: He describes the love of God as greater, stronger, deeper than the love of a parent.  Clinging to that truth brought me through my darkest moments.   I saw the intensity of my own mommy-love, and if God’s love was even bigger than that– my mind can’t even comprehend such love!

In light of everything that motherhood means to me, I appreciate Mother’s Day because it gives me a moment to step back and consider my blessings.  My two boys have brought more joy to my life than I ever thought possible.  I’ve learned, grown, and experienced life in a fuller way because of them.

Mother’s Day also gives me a moment to consider the legacy of strong women before me – my grandmothers and my mother, who have all played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today.  Both my grandmothers have now passed on, but their legacy lives on. My mom continues to pour her life into her kids and grandkids every day.  Thank you, Mom.  You are loved!”

Nicole Fortney of Colie Photos | F | W | B
portraits of motherhood“Being a Mother has brought me so much joy, heartache, love, friendship, fear… really every emotion imaginable!  It has given me the chance to stretch myself and to become a better, more loving person.  Being a mother has tried my patience every single day and most days end in exhaustion, let’s be real.  So Mother’s Day is a good reminder for me to hold my sweet children close, to celebrate in their growth and successes and to be grateful for every single moment I’ve had to experience with them!  It helps remind me that I, too, have a mother who loves and cares about me as deeply as I care about my own.  The bond of mother to child is so incredibly powerful and I feel abundantly blessed that I have been able to experience it!”
Ashley Beal of Ashley Beal Photography | F | W

portraits of motherhood“Mother’s Day is typically viewed as a day to honor moms. While that is true, and I love to celebrate it in that regard, I also see it as a day to honor my daughter. Without her, I wouldn’t get to experience hearing a tiny voice squeak out “momma” and I wouldn’t know the feeling of her little arms wrapped around my neck as she seeks comfort after a fall. All the things that we have shared during her little life is what Mother’s Day is about.  

I look back on my pre-motherhood days and I see a whole different person. Motherhood is the hardest job there is and it’s a time of rapid growth and change – for her and for me. Not only are we responsible for raising these tiny humans to be good people, we are responsible for endless self-reflection to become better people ourselves and better role models. Motherhood is bittersweet. It’s milestone after milestone. It is sacrifice, happiness, joy, heartache, and endless change. It’s the juxtaposition of being happy and excited for your children to develop into independent adults, but at the same time it is heartbreaking to see they won’t be dependent on you forever. The heaviness of the slow letting go was something I was unprepared for as a mom, and each milestone brings me to tears. And yet I am so proud of her. I am so proud to be her momma. 

This Mother’s Day I will celebrate our bond and growing family and I will look forward to all the memories we will continue to make – those bittersweet tears and all. “
Genesis Meyer of Genesis Photography | F | W

portraits of motherhood“Motherhood is the most sanctifying, most adventurous, and the most amazing journey a woman can be given. Since becoming a mom this past year, I never could have imagined how much I would fall in love with my little girl. She is 10 months old today and my heart only continues to grow daily with an incredible affection and love for her. Is that even possible? I’m blessed to get to experience all of her milestones, to be given the privilege to be at home with her and to watch her grow before my eyes. Elizabeth Elliot put it best when she said that “there is no noble career than that of motherhood at its best” and I believe that whole heartedly. This Mother’s Day will be my first and I’m simply thankful to God for the amazing privilege to bear this call. I’d be lying if I didn’t say there weren’t any hard days, because there are. But at the end of the day, as I rock her to sleep, her small body clinging to mine, I know deep down that this is what I was made to be. A mom.”
Lana Griffin of Lana Griffin Photography | F | W

portraits of motherhood“Mother’s Day is a special day to me because I never thought I would feel this way for anyone. Before becoming a mother, I never realized how much I could love another human being, the love I have for my child is different than any love I have ever had. I never realized how much of myself I even had available to give, but it’s a lot Being a mother makes me a better person every day, and I am not a perfect mother or a perfect wife, but on Mother’s Day I mainly just want to remember how lucky I am to have my child. I am lucky to hold him every day, and even give him kisses to sleep every night. Even when he destroys the house or the hundred times a day he puts his life in danger, he still makes being his mom awesome; hard but awesome. So to me, Mother’s Day is a day that I remember just how lucky I am to be his mom through the good and the bad, for when he is at his healthiest or when he is ill. A day to celebrate that I have been given another year with this amazing little human being that teaches me more about myself every day.”
Angela Renee Yarbrough of This Bliss Photography | F | W | B

portraits of motherhood

“Mother’s Day, to me, is a celebration of the day my whole life was transformed – the day I had dreamt of since I was just a little girl playing with her dolls. The day those two pink lines showed up and changed my life for the better. It’s a celebration of the first breath, the first cry, the first snuggle as I held something I had created in my very own hands. It’s a day to celebrate the victories, the struggles,  and the accomplishments. I celebrate the fact that I did in fact make it through even the roughest of days, no matter how hard they were at the time. The incessant need for more coffee. The equal amounts of sleepless nights and “Mommy, I love you’s.” The snotty noses. The bedtime stories. The sloppy kisses. Being a mom is hands down the best thing to ever happen to me (next to marrying their Daddy, of course).  I love my children more with each passing second, and I thank God every day for giving me this incredible blessing – to grow, nourish, and sustain a life outside of my own. I celebrate because it is by far the most challenging, yet equally rewarding thing I have ever done.”

Sandi Harkness of Sandi Harkness Photography | F

self portraits of motherhood

“I am a mother to two young children and so my days can be rather full and sometimes long. There isn’t too much time in the day to sit and truly think about what this role means. But on Mother’s Day, I have the opportunity to really pause and reflect on the gift that it is to be a mother…their mother. I stare at them a little longer and hold them a little tighter on this day, and still marvel at their mere existence. I feel thankful for their health and happiness.I pray that I am doing the best that I can do for them. I swell with pride at how far we have all come in our roles as parent and child, and smile at the thought of what lies ahead. And, of course, Mother’s Day is most definitely about celebrating and honoring mothers for their lifelong devotion, love, and commitment to their children, for I know that I celebrate my own mother on this day for those very reasons.”

Darlene Bernard | F

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