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Self Portraits of Motherhood

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Teacher Ellen Covey

Ellen Covey, of Ellen Elizabeth Photography, is a lifestyle and documentary photographer based in San Diego, California. Ellen is thrilled to be teaming up with Beyond the Wanderlust, to offer you this workshop, titled “Self Portraits of Motherhood.” As moms we are always taking photos of our children and family, but we can forget that we are part of that family and worthy of being documented, too! Ellen has created this workshop with the goal to encourage you to get in the frame with your family, as well as to give you practical tips and tricks to make the process easier. She will show you how to plan the perfect shot, give you ideas to get your kids involved, and teach you her secrets for getting in-focus pictures every time. If you are wanting to turn the camera around and become a part of your captured memories, Ellen encourage you to take this workshop and learn how to photograph your life from the other side of lens.

Part 1:

Why Self Portraits
Shooting for yourself
Telling your story your way
Becoming your own model
Expressing emotions and feelings
Therapeutic selfies
Turning the camera around
Trying new ideas
Relating to your clients
Self portraits for your loved ones
Seeing yourself the way your family does
Coming out from hiding
Embracing the flaws
Becoming a part of your memories

Part 2:

Where to Begin
What’s in my bag
Simple overview of tripods and remotes
Collecting ideas for later
Planning the perfect shot

Part 3:

Camera settings
Aperture shutter speed, and iso
How to get spot-on focus every time
Manual focus
Auto focus
Live view mode
Tripod positioning
Wireless remote options
Using your phone as a remote
Using the 2-10 second timer

Part 4:

Getting creative
Shooting from your perspective
Tricks for setting your focus
Coming up with self portrait ideas
My set ups
Behind the scenes
Tips for making it easier with kids
How to get the kids involved
Preparing ahead of time
Making it fun for everyone
The memory behind the picture
Losing the idea of perfection
When to call it a day


Plan the perfect shot checklist
60+ Ideas to get you started

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of materials after purchase.

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Artist Biography: 
Ellen Covey, of Ellen Elizabeth Photography, is a self taught photographer living in San Diego, California with her husband and one year old daughter. Ellen’s photographs are mostly of her family and the beautiful daily life moments that come along with motherhood. Ellen is also the founder of the Facebook group, “Self Portraits of Motherhood,” a community of mothers inspiring each other to be a part of their captured memories. When she’s not holding a camera, Ellen loves getting into big DIY projects, taking walks with her family, and enjoying life to the fullest.