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Sit Down with Sarah Driscoll

Recently I got to spend time with the Sarah Driscoll, of Sarah Driscoll Photography, and chat with her about her current workshop, Therapeutic Photography: Healing Your Soul Behind The Lens. When I first read her workbook I immediately knew it was going to resonate with a lot of the storytelling artists. Because not only are we capturing images but telling our stories as we know them. Being able to turn our photography from pictures to art takes a deep emotion and Sarah knows how to get you there. Here is more from our time together:

sit down with Sarah

As most artists would say, photography to them is soulful or therapeutic. What does Therapeutic Photography mean to you?

Therapeutic photography means putting my everything into my work. Whether a photograph brings me to tears or laughter, I want to feel the intensity of the emotion that I felt when I hit then shutter when I look back at the image. I want my image to take me back in time. More than anything, I want to leave it all out there. And send it off into the world— freeing myself.

sit down with sarah

When you started photography did you envision yourself using photography to be a release for yourself?

Absolutely. It was the reason I began. Motherhood is tough. It’s hard work and a constant giving of yourself. Photography is a way to express your emotions and learn more about yourself and your passions. My art tells my story.

sit down with sarah

Are there days that you can’t quite express what you are wanting to say? How do you overcome that?

Of course. This is something I struggle with often. I have so much I want to express and not always sure how to do it well or appropriately. However, I think that is the beauty of photography (and therapy for that matter). It is a constant, never-ending search to move forward.

sit down with sarah

What is one thing that you hope people will take away from your workshop?

That you can the photographer you want to be if you let go of your fear of judgement and who you think you SHOULD be and start embracing who you are right now. Dom’t overthink yourself.

sit down with sarah

sit down with sarah

Get to Know Sarah in 60 Seconds:

Favorite Food:

Pizza. All day err day.

Favorite Color:


Favorite Quote:

Seriously? Way too many but one of my favorites is from my favorite book, Eat, Pray, Love: “Stop wearing your wishbone where your back bone ought to be.”

Favorite Actions:

I don’t use Photoshop, only Lightroom really. My favorite Presets are VSCO (pack five— the Ektars and Portas) and Mastin Labs, Porta pack.

Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Piece of Gear:

My brand new 5D Mark iii

Must Have Item:


Dream Vacation:

Greece – dying to go there and never stop photographing every moment

Best Place You Have Been:

Rome, Italy

Goal For Yourself:

Write a novel, even if my father is the only one who reads it

To read more from Sarah and her passion she has to share with you, grab her workshop, Therapeutic Photography: Healing Your Soul Behind The Lens. Promotional pricing of $35 last through February 29th.

sit down with sarah