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Styled Senior Best Friends Session

Styled Senior Best Friends Session’s Story
from Siara:

“Massiel is a wonderful friend of mine who was moving away in only a week’s time.  When she had contacted me about doing a session prior to her leaving, I had her choose two of her best friends to be photographed together. We went to the cutest little nursery across the street, then down to magical castle ruins. The lighting was perfect, they were perfect, and the photos were perfect. Now every time she sees these photos, she will remember her time with her best friends. Massiel also has shared a story on her memories of her friends, her senior year and leaving it all behind.”


“There are particular misfortunes that, even when we know they won’t kill us, when any of them are mentioned, people still say “you’ll be fine,” even when they think “I wouldn’t want to be her.” Here are a few: dropping your phone in the toilet, failing a test, and finally: moving your senior year of high school. Moving my senior year, I was left with a room full of boxes I didn’t want to pack, a pile goodbye’s I didn’t want to say, and a full stream of memories I didn’t want to lose.


I remember first meeting my best friend Claire, and the awkward silences at the first family dinner. Then I remember getting to know her so well that we became the kind of friends who can lay under a zebra-patterned blanket, talk about life, and laugh so much because we didn’t need anything else to be happy. I remember Victoria too. I remember her picking me up, before we got pizza and ice-cream –one mini tub of the latter one for each because chocolate fudge Ben and Jerry’s is that good. I remember her basement was dark, and I remember clearly Jake Gyllenghall on the TV screen, because how could I forget that? We talked as the teenagers that we were –believing we understood so much more about love and life than we really did, and on the other hand, surprised at everything we actually knew. It was all a stereotypical girl’s night is supposed to be, but I knew there was no one I would rather have that stereotypical, deep laughter, late night, kind of fun, but with her.


I remember my last night in St Louis: this photoshoot. Claire drove me there and the conversation was, just like it all began, awkward. She knew I was leaving, I knew I was seeing her the last time. It wasn’t until Siara took that last picture, until the camera made that last “click,” until we were back to our jeans and t-shirts that we allowed ourselves to get a little bit teary-eyed. It was safe to cry; the make-up could be smeared. I remember Victoria drove me home. I remember we got fries and ice-cream first because that’s just how we are. I remember the drive being painfully short, and I cried a little bit more, and we made promises to see each other again. I remember all these people, and all these things, memories, and places that I got to know. But I think that, as they say, “I’ll be fine,” because I have all these pictures, and all this writing to help me remember them all” -Massiel Islas


Siara Martin of Siara Martin Photography | Facebook | Website | Blog | Pinterest

Location: Ballwin, Missouri – Ballwin NurseryCastle Ruins at Wildlife Rescue Center 

Styling: Hair, Makeup and Floral Crowns created by Siara Martin. Flower stems from Walter Knoll Florist in Ballwin, MO.
(Massiel has black hair, Claire has blonde and Victoria has brunette)