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Sugar & Lace Boudoir and Glamour Studio – Daily Fan Favorite

Today’s Daily Fan Favorite is
Sugar & Lace Boudoir and Glamour Studio.

Congratulations Jasmin! You receive a $5 gift card to the store of your choice. Email to claim your prize.

To submit an image to the Daily Fan Favorite – add one or two photos that are currently your favorite to the Facebook wall tagging your business.

The Daily Fan Favorite is three images picked from the prior day’s submissions; running Monday-Thursdays. When sharing or pinning please be sure to tag the photographer who captured the image.

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Sugar & Lace Boudoir and Glamour Studio

dresses for portraits, daily fan favorite

“Sometimes you come across a portrait that is the complete package, this is one of them. The light, the delicate pose, the beauty of the woman – coming together for a stunning portrait.” 

Congratulations to the other artist! All runner up artists receive a 20% off code to the shop. Email to claim.

Orchids of Wanderlust

newborn parent poses, daily fan favorite

“Oh the new joys of parenthood! I love the chest to chest pose. You can just feel the love.”

Lynette marie photography

black and white portraits, daily fan favorite

“The rim lighting here is beautifully done. At a closer look you can see the glistening in the eye and the little tongue resting on his lip.”

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