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The Art of Life: Owning the In-Between with Ann Woodard

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Teacher Ann Woodard

Ann Woodard, of Ann Woodard, Photographer, is a portrait and documentary photographer located in Fairfax County, Virginia. Ann is excited to present her direct workshop to the Beyond the Wanderlust community, “The Art of Life: owning the in-between.” Unexpected. Vulnerable. Powerful. The in-between is just that – slivers of life that almost fell through the cracks and the soul of documentary photography. But the most compelling in-between moments don’t simply happen – they’re created. Ann’s guide will show you how to recognize the powerful in-between moments waiting in your art. Through this workshop you’ll learn how to shape the ideal environment, guide your subjects towards natural connections, using eye contact, and how to compose and edit for meaning. By the end, you’ll bring to light the most compelling slivers of life – the in-between.

Part I – Pre-shoot: understanding
Intro to the in-between
Re-training your subjects for the in-between
Research: slowing the speed of life
The right equipment for the in-between and you
The right environment for them
Part II – Shooting: capturing the in-between
Beers, anyone? Meeting, bonding, and getting vulnerable
Noticing the unnoticeable: recognizing the lost details
Creating the in-between
Working with shy, embarrassed or difficult subjects
The in-between portrait: the eyes have “it”
Light and composition: getting it right
Part III – Post-processing: creating power and art
The thoughtful cull: picking your most powerful images for your story collection
Editing the in-between in LR for the most impact
Materials Received:
  • 1o7 page PDF workbook
  • Behind the scenes video with Ann during a family session
  • Three editing videos with Ann including working in Lightroom
  • Lightroom Presets – clean edit and B&W matte

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of materials after purchase.

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Ann Woodard, of Ann Woodard Photographer, is a portrait and documentary photographer; recently moving from North Carolina to Alexandria, VA where she lives with her Marine and two boys, 9 and 4. When she’s not rediscovering in-between moments for others, she adores traveling, history, dogs, and practices film photography and classical guitar. Ann’s images have been featured on forums such as Clickin Moms, In Beauty and Chaos, Life in Loud, Little Bellows, the Dark Room, Snap Maven, Distorted Beauty, Monochromatic Lens; being a featured photographer on Reflections and Giggles and Goldfish.


Justyna E Butler of Justyna E Butler Photography

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“Ann’s workshop, Owning The In-Between, is an absolute must workshop for everyone who is wanting to notice the unnoticed. It broadens our mind in search of details that tell so much…the story within. It is an art of observation course in a “pill.” Ann pin-points the missed moments and how to capture the “unposed” pieces of the puzzle to create a big picture.”


Kelly Jacobi of Kelly Jacobi Photography

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“How do you get people to look so natural and honest? Do some people just have easier clients? The truth is there is an art form to drawing out natural interactions and getting people to relax. This is one of the best I’ve read on the subject, Ann broke down her process so well and gave real examples. In addition, her passion and sentiment for the in-between moments shines through and inspires one to be more observant and dedicated to seeking them out.”

Devons HS

Devon Hall of Devon Hall Photographic Arts

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“Ann’s workshop is loaded with wonderful information and ideas for capturing the “in-between.” This PDF is also jam-packed with beautiful imagery and examples. For someone (myself) who is not very focused on the “in between” moments, I look forward to putting forth more effort into capturing them during my client sessions and also when photographing my own family. Loved this Ann, you left me feeling inspired.”