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The buzz on Etsy

I joined Etsy about a year ago. I don’t sell anything, I just buy. I’m really just in love with it. First off, I love the fact that when I purchase something, I’m supporting a small business; like myself. I love knowing that my purchase is going to help that business owner grow, support themselves and their family. It’s neat knowing these shops are doing what they do because they love it. I have no problem at all paying a little extra than what I would at a large chain store.

When I have something in mind that I’m wanting, I’ll go right to Etsy. If I want to find a purple, hippopotamus pin cushion with sequins, I know I’ll find it there. Everything there is so unique and most things can be customized to your liking. {Again, did you catch the point that I was ordering a HIPPOPOTAMUS PIN CUSHION!?}

As a photographer, I have purchased many templates, headbands, crowns and props for my business. What is really great is that most of these Etsy pages have Facebook pages! Once I find a shop that I really like, I’ll add it to my favorites and then I’ll go looking for their shop on Facebook. Three good things can come from that:


Sometimes they’ll offer a coupon code or discount for their Etsy shop.


Say you purchased a business card template and made it your own.  Why not “share” it to their page and tag your page! They’ll love seeing your work and get some small networking while they’re at it.


It’s nice to support and “like” pages that interest and inspire you.

This past summer, I purchased a lace crown from Love Crush Bowtique. I had some amazing pictures from a session with this adorable girl, and decided to share with her. She then shared it on her page again, because things can get lost on Facebook from time to time. After having my photos shared on her page, I started to get new fans and I saw friends/fans of mine were “liking” her page in return! A couple weeks later, she sent me a link showing me that she used my image on her Etsy page! It was the first one shown when you got to her page! I was so very excited and so flattered that she would use my image!


• Support small businesses when and if you can.

• 9 times out of 10 you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

• It’s a great way to get exposure for both yourself and their shop. Everyone is happy!

• You can PIN anything from Etsy. It’s right there on the site. You can PIN it to one of your boards and use the hashtag to “tag” them and your website. They make it easy to PIN and it’s nice because it won’t take you to a different source; it’ll link you right back to that Etsy page!


Aemee Ellis, lives in Ashland with her husband and two kids. She is a Canon girl and mainly shoots babies, family and senior photography. Aemee shoots on location and uses natural light only. In her downtime she is a huge volunteer to her kid’s schools. She also is a little bit obsessed with Pinterest.