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The Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

By: Léa Jones of Léa Jones Photographer


I am sharing a classic Christmas story this month.  We love finding cute little farms that sell christmas trees and we love cutting our own tree.  My kids take it very seriously. My daughter measured our ceiling, as we just moved into a new house and our ceiling is nice and high.  She then proceeded to measure every tree she liked on the farm. We had a short fat tree last year and this year we all decided we wanted a tall skinny one.

My first year in the US (almost 4 years ago now), I noticed everyone put their tree on their roof, and we all thought that was so cool.  In France our trees are tiny and we just put them in our trunk.  One of our goals this year was to put the tree on the roof. You know it’s the little things that make life so much fun.
The kids also brought their walkie talkies, so that they could communicate about the best tree in the farm.
I attempted a Christmas card photo on the farm, and I shared them in the series because I thought they were fun. Not technically perfect AT ALL, but so much fun. They hated my camera, were running away from my camera all the time, and I think that next year they will not let me bring a camera, but that’s okay, because I am pretty sure it will look the same as this year!
Also cutting a tree is hard work. Like really hard work.  I thought that tree was never coming down.
I hope you will have a wonderful holiday season!
This series was all shot with the little FUJI X-E2 and XF35mm 1.4 – I know many of you wonder about the world of mirrorless cameras, so I thought I’d mention it.