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The Family Experience: Bridging The Gap in Posing and Storytelling with Winnie Bruce

Photographing families can sometimes be very stressful, but there’s a way to do it without putting too much stress on you and your clients. In this workshop, learn how to prep your family clients from start to finish: from inquiry to image delivery, during the shoot, and your web presence and communication. Come join me and let’s bridge the gap between portraits and lifestyle. There’s a way to do both, and include both in just one session. Retain workflow, and storytelling for your family clientele, by focusing on emotion and light.

In this workshop, we will also go over how I have built a web presence that conveys my genuine desire fore my clients to get the best of their family’s emotions and personalities, how I find and approach my market, and how I pose, and also, un-pose during the shoot. Solidifying branding importance, down to products offered, logos, pricing structure, and how to work in a pricing structure that can work for both in person sales, or digital delivery. Learn how to light your image to get dreamy lit imagery, from backlit, to dramatic dark and moody edits. Learn how to use photoshop and adobe camera raw edits, and apply a film inspired edit to your images.

What To Take Away:

A Look into The Syllabus:

Material Included:


This course is held 100% online. There is a dedicated Facebook group held specifically for Winnie’s class where discussions and peer review is also welcomed. Weekly LIVE classes will be held through an offsite website; link to be provided in the Facebook group.  All LIVE classes will be recorded and uploaded into the Facebook group for those unable to attend. A free Dropbox account will be needed to turn in assignments and receive feedback. 

This class is for the photographer that is wanting to start the transition into the family portrait business, or the artist that needs a refresher and wants to break away from stressful poses, and learn how to read the stories being told to them. This class will help students streamline their business with organization, pricing and managing their clients.  

To get the most out of the course, attendees are encouraged to have manual camera shooting mode, interest in starting a website for your business, and have some background in Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, or Photoshop.

This course is a four week interactive, learning experience. Weekly LIVE classes will be held with Winnie, as well as weekly assignments and feedback. Course dates are July 16th – August 12th.

Yes, throughout the course Winnie has provided assignments that follow along with the material. These assignments will be turned in via Dropbox for Winnie to provide feedback, as well as peer advice in the Facebook group. 

During the course, only active students will be able to turn in assignments and receive feedback from Winnie personally. Both active and silent students receive all the material that Winnie has provided.


Winnie Bruce, of Winnie Bruce Photography is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based between Baltimore, MD and Washington DC. Winnie is a mother to two sweet boys; Elliott and Finnegan and has been married to her best friend, Brian, for 12 years. Winnie also enjoys cooking, antiquing (she collect antique quilts), and putting Tapatio hot sauce on everything.

Winnie is a West Coast native with an island heart. The military has brought Winnie and her little family out to the East Coast. She first picked up her camera to take photos of food, but that has evolved into taking photos of humans. A self-professed introvert-extrovert, Winnie enjoys taking photos in intimate settings, small groups of people. She gets into her quiet spurts, but also goofy moments. Winnie’s personality is best suited for posing, and also observation.

With a degree in business, Winnie became very technical on how she conducts her photography business, but also made sure to never sacrifice the artistry of her work. Winnie flourishes in making artwork, and also preserving memories for her clients. She captures and encapsulate the details, the smiles, the sadness, and the in between. Winnie is a lover of all things natural, organic, and genuine. In the past 6 years that she has had her business, Winnie has also had to move it a couple times, and it has flourished each time.

Winnie has been a photography educator for the past 4 years, and have enjoys every single moment of it. She loves teaching how to work with families and kids, photoshop and raw editing, and the business side of photography. Her work has also been published in several places such as Beyond the Wanderlust, In Beauty and Chaos, Lemonade and Lenses, Click & Co., Beauty Revived, Let the Kids Dress Themselves, and many more.